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Auralcrave Premium is an higher level of quality offered by Auralcrave, aimed at the most faithful and close readers. This subset of articles is freely accessible only for a limited number of monthly views. By entering Auralcrave Premium, you will have unlimited access to all Auralcrave Premium content: stories with the highest quality, the way that distinguishes us, oriented to those users who wants the highest quality of journalism possible. And besides that, Premium users can navigate Auralcrave without any ads.

If you are a regular reader, faithful to our proposals, Auralcrave Premium gives you the opportunity to show your esteem with an active support, which will be used to increase the quality of the articles dedicated to you: registering to the program Auralcrave Premium, you will participate in the growth of your magazine, you will have unlimited access to all Auralcrave contents and you will be able to share them without restrictions with all your friends. The fee is only 2.49€ per month, or 19.99€ for one year, if you register today. And part of your contribution is donated to Unicef.

Behind Auralcrave there is a team of over 30 active authors, who write the stories you love following their passion. We think that those authors deserve to be recognized, and that’s why Auralcrave Premium exists: it will recognize their effori and it will motivate then to give even more quality. Auralcrave Premium is the primary way for you to support the quality on Auralcrave.

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Frequently asked questions:

If I’m not Premium, cannot I read then any article?
Yes, you can! Non-Premium users have unlimited access to non-Premium articles, plus a limited number of free views of Premium contents, every month. If you want to read freely all Premium articles, though, you need to belong to Premium program.

If I enter Auralcrave Premium, can I share the articles freely with my friends?
Your friends will see the articles freely if they are occasional readers of Auralcrave and if they didn’t reach the monthly view limit. If they are frequent Auralcrave readers as you, instead, they can see with no limits only if they are Premium users too.

What are the advantages of Premium users?
The main advantages are unlimited access to all Auralcrave contents and no ads while navigating Auralcrave. Besides that, your contribution will be used to support a greater quality for the future of Auralcrave, which you will read before the others. And part of your contribution is donated to Unicef.

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