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Auralcrave founder, web content creator since 2010, fond of art, culture, society, psychology, economics, politics, games. He believes that every area of knowledge has stories worth to be told and he’s sure that doing it makes the world a better place.



As a child she wanted to be a postwoman and travel the world, crossing over the see with bags of letters. Now she travels the world, returning with bags of bizarre objects. Full-time dreamer, compulsive curious, creative by vocation, graphic designer by coincidence.


Francesco Agrelli: music & stories
Elisa Angelini: music & arts
Luigi Angelino: stories and traditions
Federico Arcuri: music stories
Ilaria Arghenini: tunes & feelings
Rosita Auriemma: art & curiosities
Selene Barbone: music & classics
Paolo Basso: arts & culture
Nicola Berardinelli: music pills
Mattia Bonasia: movies, tv & perspectives
Gabriele Caramia: stories & curiosities
Francesco Cappellano: pop facts
Lorenzo Cellitti: literature & music
Silvia Cinti: stories & perspectives
Fabrizio Cotimbo: literature & topics
Giovanni Coppola: hot stuff & deep observations
Ennio Cretella: cinema & investigations
Micael Dellecaccie: screen, music, tales
Roberto Dessi: music classics
Stefano Devalle: icons & music
Luca Divelti: music, screen, comics
Fabiana Falanga: music templum
Federico Flore: indie world
Federico Francesco Falco: tales of music
Pierluigi Gabriele: cinema, music & visions
Dario Giardi: history of music
Emanuela Ginevra: stories & inspirations
Maurilio Ginex: cinema & stories
Dimitri Grego: music & stories
Vittoria Beatrice Giovine: rock vibes
Paolo La Rosa: movies and stories
Andrea La Rovere: sport, stories & tales
Andrea Liuzza: music, movies, stories
Alessandro Luzi: stories & visions
Marco Machera: music, people, stories
Luca Maffei: icons & movies
Matteo Maretto: art & screen
Laura Martelli: movies, music, focus
Jacopo Francesco Mascoli: cinema & stories
Luca Masetti: cinema & music
Motel Wazoo: music, movies & stories
Irene Nencini: art stories
Nubius: movies, books & more
Michele Piatti: movies, culture & stories
Alice Pituello: history & perspectives
Alessio Pizzichi: mysteries & cold cases
Tommaso Primizio: analysis & reasoning
Michele Ragno: philosophy & media
Enzo Rutigliano: curious things, music news
Francesco Teselli: culture & stories
Arturo Sannino: arts and stories
Massimo Scaccaglia: music & stories
Nicoletta Severino: stories & visions
Tiberio Snaidero: rock stories
Diego Terzano: arts & poetics
Manuel Vieni: music & stories


Emanuela Ranucci


Fabio Principe


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