What’s the song in the Amazon chef-guard commercial?

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The ability Amazon marketing has to always pick a great song for their commercial is epic. In 2023, we already had proof of that with Cool Cat, the song of the famous commercial with the mustache girl. In May, a new ad was released, and the idea is that even a security guard can develop his dream and become a chef with the right tools purchased on Amazon. Let’s discover more about the music and the concept of the commercial.

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You can watch the 2023 Amazon commercial with the guard-chef here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the Amazon chef-guard commercial?

The song featured in the 2023 Amazon commercial with the security guard becoming a chef is Memphis Soul Stew by King Curtis. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

KING CURTIS - Memphis Soul Stew

King Curtis, born Curtis Ousley in 1934, was an influential American saxophonist and R&B musician. His distinctive style blended jazz, soul, and rock, making him a sought-after session musician in the 1960s. Curtis’ soulful saxophone solos graced numerous hit songs and albums by renowned artists such as Aretha Franklin, The Coasters, and Wilson Pickett. The iconic saxophone riff you hear in the bridge of Aretha Franklin’s Respect belongs to him.

Known for his energetic stage presence and soulful playing, King Curtis played a pivotal role in shaping the sound of R&B and rock music during his career. Tragically, he was fatally stabbed in 1971, leaving behind a lasting musical legacy.

Memphis Soul Stew is a classic instrumental track released in 1967. It showcases Curtis’ exceptional saxophone skills and his ability to blend various musical genres. The song features a dynamic arrangement, combining elements of R&B, soul, and jazz. With its infectious groove, catchy horn riffs, and soulful improvisations, “Memphis Soul Stew” remains a beloved piece of Curtis’ repertoire, highlighting his contribution to the development of soul music and his mastery of the saxophone.

The song introduces a unique style in the Amazon commercial. We see the security guard watching his favorite TV shows and gradually developing his passion for cooking. He buys all the tools he needs to make his new recipes, collecting positive feedback from his colleague. And at the end, he sees an open position as a chef, and yeah, he feels ready. The message is: you can make your dream come true, with the right possibilities, and Amazon can offer you everything you need.

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