Faraway movie cast: meet Naomi Krauss & Goran Bogdan

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Love stories are always a winning bet for Netflix. That’s why we keep seeing romantic movies coming out week after week: Falling for Christmas, Your Place or Mine, Purple Hearts, and You People are just a few examples of successful romantic comedies released on Netflix between 2022 and 2023. Faraway came out in March 2023, and people loved it immediately: it’s the story of a woman who unexpectedly inherits a home in Croatia and flies there, slowly transforming her life. The protagonists are Naomi Krauss as Zeynep and Goran Bogdan as Josip: let’s discover more about the two main actors in the cast.

You can watch the official trailer for Faraway here on Youtube.

Faraway movie, the cast: meet Naomi Krauss & Goran Bogdan

The protagonists in the cast of the 2023 Netflix movie Faraway are the Swiss actress Naomi Krauss and the Croatian actor Goran Bogdan. The choice for these two actors is not random: the movie plot is about a married woman, Zeynep, living in Munich and then moving to a Croatian island, where a local man, Josip, lives in the house she inherited. The movie production, therefore, chose a German-speaking actress (we heard her singing the classic German hit 99 Luftballons by Nena) and a Croatian male actor.

Naomi Krauss has many years of experience acting for German-speaking productions. Born in Basel, she started in 1999 with the TV movie Lieb’ mich, and since then, she has played in multiple films and TV series. She was also in The International, the 2009 movie with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts. You can find a complete list of her roles on IMDb. In 2023, when Faraway was released, she is 55.

On the other side, we have Goran Bogdan: the Croatian actor is 42 when Faraway lands on Netflix, perfectly matching the ages of the two protagonists. Goran has been active as an actor since 2005: his career mainly consists of Croatian productions, but he also appeared in the third season of Fargo as Yuri Gurka. You will probably recognize him in this scene from the TV series.

Both Goran and Naomi would know very well the locations where Faraway was filmed: the German part was shot in Münich, matching the plot, whereas the long Croatian section of the film takes place in two beautiful islands of the Dalmatian archipelago, Šolta and Brač.

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