Falling for Christmas cast: Jack Wagner movies & songs

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Falling for Christmas is the Christmas movie released on Netflix in 2022, starring Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, and Jack Wagner. It’s destined to be one of the most streamed movies this holiday season, and people are naturally curious about the cast members and where we’ve already seen them. Jack Wagner is not only an actor but also an experienced singer: in this article, we will discover his movies, TV shows, and the songs of his music career.

You can find the official trailer of Falling for Christmas here on Youtube.

Falling for Christmas, the cast: Jack Wagner, his movies, TV shows, and songs

Jack Wagner is an American actor and singer born in 1959. He plays Beauregard Belmont in the movie Falling for Christmas, and at the moment of its release, he’s 59. He’s primarily famous for his regular role as Frisco Jones in the soap opera General Hospital. You will surely recognize him from this video.

Wagner started playing in General Hospital as Frisco Jones in 1984 and went on and off the TV show episodes until 2013. In 1985, he was also nominated for an Emmy Award for that role.

Among other famous TV shows played by Jack Wagner are Santa Barbara (he was Warren Lockridge) and Melrose Place (he played Dr. Peter Burns, you find him here). He played in many other TV movies and shows, like The Bold and the Beautiful, 1995’s film Lady Killer, 1996’s Frequent Flyer, and 1997’s Echo. In 1990 he was the protagonist of the Argentinian movie Play Murder for Me.

Jack Wagner is also a famous pop-rock singer. His most famous song is All I Need, released in 1984. You find it in full streaming below.

"All I Need" - Jack Wagner

All I Need peaked at number two on Billboard’s top 100 chart and stayed there for three weeks in 1985, just behind Madonna’s Like A Virgin. Jack Wagner released six albums from 1984 to 2014: his last record, On the Porch, contains the song The Right Key, which debuted in 1989 in the episodes of General Hospital (you find it here).

As an actor and musician, Jack Wagner represents a piece of American TV history, and his presence enriches the cast of Falling for Christmas. You can find the complete list of his roles in movies & TV shows on Wikipedia.

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