The 2023 T-Mobile “well” commercial: who’s the girl in it?

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2023, for the T-Mobile advertising campaign, is a perfect moment: they surprised everybody at the Super Bowl with John Travolta dancing in their new commercial, together with Zach Braff and Donald Faison, aka J.D. and Turk from Scrubs; they had Bradley Cooper and his mom trying to make a new commercial (and ending up becoming viral); and then, they came up with a new idea, a series of employees unsure of how to support their customer, playing with the word “well.” There is a vast curiosity about the Indian girl at the end of the commercial: let’s understand where we are.

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The 2023 T-Mobile “well” commercial: the song and the girl in it

In the 2023 T-Mobile “well” commercial, we see several employees saying their enigmatic “well” in choir in front of a demanding customer asking if he can have the Samsung Galaxy S23+ for free and if the prices are locked and guaranteed. The questions are very precise, and we all know what it means to effectively support a customer demanding detailed answers. “Well,” it can be natural to have some hesitation. And that made the idea behind this commercial and the song we hear in it.

The song interpreted by the employees in the T-Mobile commercial is the famous 70s disco hit Stayin’ Alive by The Bee Gees. You can watch the original music video here on Youtube. The song is still one of the most mentioned hits from the past, taking part in multiple parodies and reinterpretations still today. A new cover of the song was also featured in the opening credits of the movie Bullet Train with Brad Pitt.

The biggest curiosity, though, is about the girl appearing at the end of the commercial, an employee finally able to answer the customer’s question assertively. People want to know who she is, and until today, there is no official information about it. From her look and her accent, she might be an Indian actress, but there is no information available about who she is and what other presences she collected in other commercials or movies/TV shows.

We’ll keep the eyes open for you: as soon as the name of the girl in the new T-Mobile commercial is available, you’ll find it here.

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