Red Rose soundtrack: the classic songs in the Netflix series

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Red Rose was one of the most awaited Netflix releases of 2023, mainly because of that unique mix of technology danger, dystopian future, horror, and evil instincts that led people to love shows like Black Mirror or The Squid Game. But there is another reason people loved the TV series: a soundtrack that showed all the passion possible for the banger hits of 90s dance & pop, with some other presences from the 80s. Viewers enjoyed hearing some of the songs they danced to years ago, especially those who were teenagers in the 90s. Let’s recap the selection of songs proposed by the TV show Red Rose.

You can watch the official trailer for Red Rose here on Youtube.

Red Rose, the soundtrack: the classic songs from the 80s and the 90s

The soundtrack for the Netflix TV series Red Rose has been curated by Jessica Jones and Tim Morrish, who developed several original songs for the show. You can listen to the complete set of original songs here on Spotify.

Besides that, the show introduces several hits from the 90s and the 80s that the older generation surely recognized. Let’s scroll through the best classic songs you hear in the episodes of Red Rose:

Faithless – Insomnia: one of the evergreen trance-house hits of the 90s and one of the most famous songs by the British dance act Faithless. Perfect for raves, as the party in the mountains in the first episode shows. You find the official video here.

Robin S. – Show Me Love: same years, same style, same synths, Show Me Love is one of the first songs that come to mind when thinking of the famous acid house of that decade. Here is the official video.

Snap – Rhythm Is A Dancer: it was definitely a 90s party, and a track like Rhythm is a Dancer was a necessary presence. Probably among the most remembered dance songs of the decade, together with other top players like Ace of Base, La Bouche, Haddaway, and Corona. Here is the video.

Aqua – Barbie Girl: a well-renowned example of young pop from those years, the song that launched Aqua among the musical acts of the decade. Red Rose also plays an alternate, darker version of the track, proving the versatility of that kind of music. Below is the original song, and here is the gloomy version you hear in Red Rose’s second episode, by the Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

Aqua - Barbie Girl (Official Music Video)

Laura Branigan – Gloria: here we are in the 80s, and the song is a cover of a famous Italian hit. Here you find the original version, whereas this is Laura Branigan.

Alice Deejay – Better Off Alone: it’s 1999, and Better Off Alone was one of the last big hits of the golden age of Eurodance. Many rediscovered it in modern days thanks to TikTok. Here is the official video, whereas here is the piano cover by Jenny Plant at the beginning of Episode 3.

Pulp – Seconds: Pulp are one of the main faces of 90s Britpop, and their style is a classic example of music that just never dies. Hear it below.

Pulp - Seconds

Ultra Naté – Free: definitely one of the best examples of house music that can enter the commercial charts. It’s 1998, enjoy it here.

N-Trance – Set You Free: rave music had many different faces, and there is a handful of examples able to bring the aggressive acid sounds of that age in a form that could become popular. This is what Set You Free represents: here you have it.

Blue (Da Ba Dee): it’s probably the most significant contribution of Italy to the 90s dance scene (in our Italian article, you find all the ways Italy unsuspectedly contributed to the glory of dance in that decade). But again, Red Rose proposed it in a darker version by the Moroccan-Canadian singer Faouzia. Here is the original, below the cover.

Faouzia - I'm Blue

Oasis – The Masterplan: it’s again 90s Britpop, with one of the most famous faces of those years. Oasis made the history of modern British music, but this isn’t definitely their most famous song. However, it makes the perfect closure for the show. Here you listen to it.

Among the other famous songs you hear in the TV show Red Rose are Boogie Pimps’ Somebody To Love, Des’ree Life, Boney M’s Daddy Cool, and many others. But the selection above surely draws a precise path into the soundtrack of a couple of decades ago, when many viewers of Red Rose were teenagers.

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