Happy Hump Day! Geico Camel commercial & its meaning

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Some commercials will just stay stuck in our heads forever: one of those is undoubtedly the famous Geico camel commercial released in 2013, where a camel walks into an office on a working day asking everybody what day it is. “It’s hump day,” an employee answers, bringing us to the commercial’s end. Some people are still curious to delve into the real meaning of the ad and why it’s still popular today: let’s see together all answers.

You can watch the original Geico commercial with the camel in the office here on Youtube.

Happy Hump Day! What day is it, and what’s the meaning of the Geico Camel commercial?

Hump Day is, simply, Wednesday. It’s the exact middle of a standard working week from Monday to Friday. Therefore, it’s imagined as the hump on a camel’s back. As the old Geico commercial suggests, Wednesday represents the peak of stress in a standard corporate working week because it’s far from both weekends. The intensity of that day at work can be imagined with the shape of a camel’s hump. That’s the whole meaning behind hump day.

The old Geico commercial released in 2013 uses this metaphor turning it funny: an actual camel walks into an office full of stressed employees. The camel is particularly happy: after all, it’s his day, and he doesn’t have to work a whole week. As soon as one employee answers, two guys start a guitar jingle asking, “how happy would someone be by saving hundreds of dollars on their car insurance by switching to Geico?” And the response is immediate: “Happier than a camel on Wednesday.” And with those easy lines, Hump day became the day of office jokes and memes.

It was the most successful commercial ever released by Geico. Even Business Insider dedicated an article to it back in those days. And still, on our days, every Wednesday, people look for hump day memes, images, quotes, and gifs to share with colleagues in the office. Google is always able to provide us with fresh results every week.

Are you one of those who love to surf the never-ending wave of hump day jokes every week? Then don’t miss the remix song made years ago, reusing the lines spoken in the commercial. And do whatever you need to make your people happier.

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