Women at War, the cast: Audrey Fleurot is Marguerite

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Women at War is a TV series released on Netflix in January 2023. The French production (original title, Les Combattantes) follows a series of visions set during the World Wars, which gained a relevant interest from viewers (besides it, movies like All Quiet on the Western Front and Narvik were successful proposals on the streaming platform). Spectators have been curious to know more about the cast, and one actress, in particular, sparked more interest than the others: Audrey Fleurot, the red hair protagonist playing Marguerite de Lancastel. Let’s discover more about her.

You can watch the official trailer for Women At War here on Youtube.

Women at War, the cast: Audrey Fleurot is Marguerite de Lancastel

The actress playing Marguerite de Lancastel, the red hair woman working in the brothel, is the French actress Audrey Fleurot. Audrey has been active in her acting career since 2000: in 2023, when Women at War was released on Netflix US, she’s 45.

Among the most famous roles Audrey Fleurot played in France, she was the Lady of the Lake in the TV series Kaamelott which ran from 2005 to 2009. She also played in the movie Untouchables, a worldwide success in 2011: she was Magalie, Philippe’s secretary, as you will surely notice from the video below.

ISA(Interesting Supporting Actor) : Magalie(The Intouchables)

Among other movies and TV shows where she played, you can find 2014’s movie French Women, 2020’s film Divorce Club, and the series Spiral, which ran on Canal+ from 2005 to 2020. She was also a participant in LOL, the comedy format that became popular in many European countries.

You can find the complete list of her movies and TV show on her Wikipedia page. In Women at War, Audrey Fleurot plays a strong female character who tries to maintain her dignity during was times, the way she can.

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