The Amazon wedding commercial: who’s the actress?

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The wedding commercial is a famous ad released by Amazon in 2022 and is still popular among viewers. The idea is simple: right before a woman gets married, she looks troubled, and the bridesmaid comes to reassure her. Because there are decisions that are not as irreversible as a wedding. For example, subscribing to Amazon, with the possibility to cancel at any time because “no one will judge you.” But the real question is: who’s the actress in that commercial? Let’s discover it!

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You can watch the Amazon wedding commercial here on Youtube.

The Amazon wedding commercial: who’s the actress?

Two actresses are playing in the famous Amazon wedding commercial: the bride is Kristen Lundberg, and the bridesmaid is Dina Freberg.

Kristen Lundberg is based in Los Angeles. She played in several movies and TV series, like Oddly Popular, Super Narcoleptic Girl, and 2022’s Scary Stories series. She was the one proudly posting the Amazon commercial on her Youtube channel. You can find her page on IMDb here.

Dina Freberg is also based in Los Angeles, where she works as an actress and model. On her IMDb page, you will find other movies and TV shows where she played. She’s also happy to show her contribution in that commercial at the top of the acting reel on her official website.

Amazon developed a simple idea that stuck in viewers’ minds, so much to make them look for more information about it. Nothing surprising, obviously: we already talked about Amazon commercials many times recently, including the globe commercial released during the 2022 winter holidays.

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