The song in the Amazon Christmas 2022 commercial

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“You Hold Me Up So I Can Fly”: that’s the line that stuck in everybody’s head after seeing the sweet commercial Amazon released for Christmas 2022. The ad was directed by Taika Waititi (the director of Thor: RagnarokJojo Rabbit, Thor: Love and Thunder, and also this recent commercial with Daniel Craig) and it tells a nice Christmas story, with a father organizing a memorable experience for his daughter. The song in the background is You Hold Me Up, a new song by an American artist who’s been active for several years. Let’s discover it.

Are you looking for the song in the 2023 Amazon holiday commercial with the llama?
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You can find the official commercial released by Amazon for Christmas 2022 here on Youtube.

You Hold Me Up: the song in the Amazon Christmas 2022 commercial

The song featured in the Amazon commercial released for Christmas 2022 is You Hold Me Up by The Bones of J.R. Jones. You can find it in full streaming below.

You Hold Me Up

The song was officially released a few days after the Amazon commercial was out, so it’s part of a special collaboration between the e-shopping giant and the new yorker artist.

The official lyrics of the song haven’t been officially released, but the lines in the chorus are the ones people remember:

You hold me up
You hold me up
So I can fly

A sweet, tender song for an emotional, Christmas story: differently from other brands, Amazon decided to fully express the Christmas spirit, touching people’s emotional chords.

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