The Internet reacts to State Farm “beard smell” commercial

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Oscar Wilde once said: “there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” From that point of view, State Farm commercials always reach their goal: everybody talks about them. Andy Reid was a big success on the Internet, but that’s not always the case. Another commercial they recently released, the one with the guy who smells his own beard, wasn’t exactly appreciated by everybody, and some of the people’s reactions were really funny. Still, the world is talking about it, which is what a commercial really is about. Let’s see what happened.

“Too personal,” the State Farm commercial released in 2022 with the guy smelling his own beard, is not available on the State Farm official Youtube channel, but you can watch it here on

The State Farm “beard smell” commercial: the Internet reaction

The infamous State Farm “beard” commercial was released in September 2022. The actors are the recurrent Kevin Miles as Jake from State Farm and Sean Cancellieri as the bearded guy (you can find him here on IMDb).

To have a feeling of how people reacted to the commercial, you can take a look at Twitter: of course, you won’t find balanced, reasonable opinions, and you’ll often step into harsh, angry rants against what people dislike, expressed without filter, but at least it will give you an indicator of how generally people didn’t enjoy watching the guy smelling his beard.

Obviously, State Farm is perfectly aware that the concept portrayed in the commercial is pretty extreme; indeed, the commercial is titled “too personal,” and Jake explains to the guy that it doesn’t need to be THAT personal. But maybe we underestimated people’s “gut reaction”: viewers are not saying that the idea is bad, they just freely express their instinctive feelings when they watch the guy enjoying his beard’s smell.

The internet has gone as far as proposing a petition on asking to drop the commercial, which may make you smile. After all, that’s another proof that the commercial is talked about. Isn’t it?

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