People are loving Andy Reid in the State Farm commercial

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The commercial released in October by State Farm insurance can literally be the most beloved ad of 2022. Those 30 seconds are hilarious, and people are loving the secret sin coach Andy Reid confesses to Jake on the airplane: he loves to draw mustaches on his players’ faces when they sleep. Besides Andy Reid and Jake (played by the actor Kevin Miles), you can see also quarterback Patrick Mahomes showing up at the last second and complaining to his coach about his fake mustaches: “it happened again!” Let’s discover the curiosities about this commercial and people’s comments on the Internet.

You can watch “Nap Time,” the State Farm insurance commercial with coach Andy Reid below.

The State Farm commercial with Andy Reid: everything you need to know

Yes, Andy Reid, the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL, is the testimonial of the State Farm commercial where he draws mustaches on his players. He’s talking with the State Farm guy Jake (played by the actor Kevin Miles), and Patrick Mahomes is the player showing up in the last part of the ad.

The Internet went crazy since the ad was released. They are also asking who the guy sitting next to Andy Reid is, who he is drawing on in the commercial, but unfortunately, nobody seems to know that (which means he isn’t probably a famous personality).

The commercial has been often on air in the last couple of months, and people are still in love with it: people define it as “silly” and “hilarious,” admitting that they are still not bored by it. The most awaited moment is when Reid throws the marker away, which is also when the commercial often cuts: probably the most annoying thing that could happen to viewers at that moment.

The backstory of the commercial is also funny: it was Patrick Mahomes who convinced Andy Reid to join him in the commercial. Here is Mahomes’ comment about what happened:

“It was funny because they asked me about the idea; I was like, ‘Man, I’ll ask him, I just don’t know if he’ll do it.’ When I asked him, he was like, ‘Do you want me to?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, it’d be cool and people would be able to get to see your personality on a different level and different scale.’ I got there, and he crushed it. He’s a natural at that kind of stuff. You don’t see that mean Coach Reid; you see how much personality he has. I think it’s my best commercial yet. He kind of stole the show and was the main guy.”

Coach Andy Reid could have a future as a testimonial of funny commercials, apparently. People’s reactions are still enthusiastic, as you can see scrolling Twitter’s wall about the topic. Will we see him again soon?

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