18 life-changing things to do before turning 30

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Life naturally becomes a bit tight and cumbersome once you clock 30. There is little or no room for errors, child’s play, and unnecessary habits because most of your actions will either make or mar your quest for a good life.

However, the good news is that your actions in your 20s can reduce the burdens and challenges when you finally reach the 3-0 milestone. 

Hence, there are certain things you should do before turning 30 so you won’t have much to worry about. 

Luckily, this page discusses 18 of the most important things to do in your 20s. So, go through the list below and see which ones you need to check before entering the next phase of your life.

18 Most Important Things To Do Before You Are 30

  • Discover More About Your Lineage 

How well do you know your family history — 5%? You can do better. You must know more about your family history before turning 30. 

Ask your parents about your lineage, and hear stories about your family background. 

Visit your grandparents and listen to their stories so you will have something to share with your kids. 

  •  Travel Alone 

Traveling is a practical form of education that guarantees a first-hand experience of how things are done in other parts of the world. 

The 20-something phase of life is arguably the best time to explore new states or countries alone.

It offers you the opportunity to learn a new culture, make new friends, meet people who might enhance your growth in life and discover your strengths. 

  • Live In A City Far From Your Hometown 

This might be a difficult task if you have been under your parent’s guidance throughout. 

You can’t be a daddy’s girl or a mummy’s son forever. You’ve got to leave them at some point. 

Hence, try living in a city different from your parent’s location and see how you would cope without them. 

  • Start Saving Part Of Your Salary 

You should start saving before 30. Don’t spend all your monthly earnings; keep at least 10% for the future. 

As much as no one prays for unfavorable events, you can always run back to the saved money should the worst happen.  

  • Do One Thing That Scares You Most

What’s that thing you always avoid due to fear— is it skydiving, bungee jumping,  mountain climbing, asking a girl out, or admitting your feelings for a guy? 

Whatever it is, try it, and see how easy it is. You are getting to 30 when you can’t afford to be scared of ‘harmless’ things. Face your fears now so your future will appreciate you.  

  • Learn To Cook Delicious Meals 

You should know how to cook at least three local dishes now. However, it’s better late than never. 

This is another phase where you must learn to make nice and tasty dishes. You can’t always rely on fast food, it’s a bad habit. 

That leads us to the next thing to do before turning 30, which is… 

  • Dumping Bad Habits For Good Ones 

The 20-something phase of your life permits you to try out some things and see the outcomes. 

Unfortunately, the next stage won’t be that nice because you need good habits to thrive. 

You can’t afford to snore while sleeping, drink uncontrollably, interrupt people’s business, keep bad friends, etc. 

You must develop good attitudes that will attract great people who will help you now or later. 

  • Focus More On Your Physical Fitness

Don’t ignore your physical fitness while developing laudable habits. Observe your fitness schedules in your twenties if you must be healthy and fit in old age. 

Reduce your calorie intake, ensure regular exercise, and engage in many simple but effective events to keep you fit. 

  • Learn A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is one goal you should accomplish before your 30th birthday. 

Though learning a new language isn’t simple, you will thank yourself for doing it in the future. 

It will help you communicate fluently with other people. It might earn you a high-paying job in a foreign land — nothing is impossible. 

  • Date Someone 

Dating a pretty girl or handsome guy in your late 20s isn’t bad because your love and sex life are crucial at this stage. 

However, Don’t be wayward in your love affair. Stay faithful to your partner. Meanwhile, learn how to break up with your partner without issue if things didn’t work out well. 

  • Subscribe To Private Health Insurance 

You can’t underestimate the importance of private health insurance in your quest for quality health. 

Private health insurance ensures free medical attention and services based on your policy. 

Hence, having private health insurance in your twenties is one of the best ways to enjoy quality and affordable health services.

  •  Learn To Apologize For Your Mistakes 

Surprisingly, many people hate saying ‘sorry’ when they make mistakes or offend others. 

You must learn to apologize for your mistakes. Apologizing doesn’t make you inferior or a coward; it shows you’re of a high level of maturity.

  • Take Active Roles In Politics 

The days of political apathy should be over in your late 20s. Take active roles in your country’s politics. 

Contest for political positions, vote, and participate in surveys that will improve governance in your country. 

Read newspapers to be aware of everything happening in your country, state, and constituency.

  • Throw A Birthday Party 

How will you tell your kids you didn’t throw a birthday party in your 20s? 

As much as you are a goal-oriented person building a great future, you should find time to relax and celebrate yourself. 

Birthday is the best time to celebrate oneself because it occurs once in 365 days. 

Hang out with friends, watch movies, and do other memorable things that will make you happy. 

  • Learn To Forgive 

The heart of forgiveness is a hallmark of a person destined for greatness. 

Learn to forgive before you turn 30 because you will need it more in the next phase of life. 

  • Accept Who You Are and Be At Peace With Yourself 

Many youths face identity crises because they can’t accept who they are. 

They aren’t happy with their physical attributes. Hence, they lost their peace in the process. 

Don’t waste your time lamenting about what you can change. Channel your energy to things you can do and be good at them.

  • Tie The Knot

Who says you can’t marry in your twenties? Tie the knot if you and your partner have all it takes to live happily and raise a healthy home. 

Get ready for an elaborate wedding, visit mensweddingbands.com for some men’s wedding bands, and take her to the altar before you clock 30. 

  •  Settle All Debts 

Starting a new phase of life in debt isn’t a good one. So, pay all debts before turning 30. 

Other notable mentions include demanding a pay rise, engaging in community services, camping, and learning to be alone. 


Though these are a few things to do before turning 30, don’t feel sad if you haven’t achieved most of them. You can also still achieve them in your early 30s.