2022 African Men’s Handball Championship

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Handball dates back to the Middle Ages, but the first formal handball standards were established in Denmark in 1906. The game is extremely popular and is played all around the world. Since the creation of this sport, numerous championships and events have taken place worldwide, attracting different national teams.

Rules for Playing Handball

Whether you wish to play handball or just watch others play, it is crucial to learn its rules in order to comprehend the game properly. In handball, you win by scoring more points than your opponents, much like in other sports where you score more goals or baskets to win. The typical handball match lasts for 60 minutes. This is broken up into two 15-minute breaks and two 30-minute pieces.

The game starts with a throw-off from the center of the court after the referee blows their whistle. The team receiving the throw-off needs to be in its own half of the court, while the team being thrown at needs to be at least three meters away. In this scenario, the thrower’s primary objective is to pass the ball to a teammate. A throw-off can result in a goal right away. Every goal results in an instantaneous throw-off. To enable quicker play, the game can continue once a goal is scored before all opponents return to their side of the court.

The ball may be stopped, caught, tossed, bounced, or controlled in any method or direction by players using their hands, fists, arms, heads, bodies, thighs, or knees. However, a player may not purposefully contact the ball with any part of their body that is below the knee. Hands are typically used to play the ball most of the time.

When the ball is stationary or rolling on the ground in the goal area, only the goalie can dive for it. When the goalkeeper has left the goal area, the athlete must follow the same rules as field players. But they are not allowed to use their feet to catch the ball. Other athletes might dive for a ball that is bouncing and tap it or throw it quickly in the direction of a teammate.

In handball, you must score more goals than your opponent to win. A winner must be determined and two 5-minute overtime periods are played if a handball match is tied. If the scores are tied after extra time, the game is decided by a shootout.

Venue and Date of the African Men’s Handball Championship 2022

One event where African teams battle for continental dominance is the African Men’s Handball Championship. The 2022 African Men’s Handball Championship just recently ended and we have listed below all the information you need to know regarding the event.

The 25th version of the African Men’s Handball Championship was held in Egypt from July 11 to 18th, 2022. It was the African qualifying event for the 2023 World Men’s Handball Championship being held in Sweden and Poland. The African Handball Confederation (CAHB)  chose to replace Morocco as the host on March 29, 2022, after Morocco had suggested holding the events in disputed Sahrawi territory, raising the possibility of an Algerian boycott.

Only three nations have ever won the competition in the past. Tunisia, the winner of the first competition, has won the trophy ten times. Algeria and Egypt are the only other two teams to have won the competition, with eight victories each.

Which Teams Competed in the 2022 African Nations Handball Championship?

Thirteen African nations took part in the final qualifications for the 2022 African Nations Handball Championship, which was held in Egypt. The four groups into which the participating teams were split were as follows:

  • Morocco, Cameroon, and Egypt made up Group A.
  • Guinea, Gabon, and Algeria made up Group B.
  • Nigeria, Cape Verde, and Tunisia made up Group C.
  • Angola, DR Congo, Zambia, and Senegal made up Group D.

After the group stage, the quarter-final phase of the tournament began. Guinea and Morocco played each other in the first quarter-final. After an intense game, Morocco came out on top with a four-point lead against Guinea. In the second quarter-final, Cape Verde secured victory against Angola by the skin of their teeth as they won by one goal. 

Next, Egypt and Algeria went up against each other. Egypt managed to secure a comfortable win and moved on to play in the semi-finals against Tunisia, who defeated DR Congo in the last quarter-final. Egypt defeated Tunisia by two goals in a close game to play Cape Verde next, who themselves won against Morocco in the first semi-final. Egypt went on to secure this year’s championship by beating Cape Verde. 


Millions of people watched the broadcast of the 2022 African Men’s Handball Champion held in Egypt. The strongest Arab teams with a solid chance of winning the event competed alongside the finest African nations. It was a thrilling occasion, and we are eagerly anticipating the tournament’s follow-up.