Will there be a Kim Wexler spinoff?

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Kim Wexler is definitely the outstanding character of Better Call Saul: season after season, the TV show developed her psychology slowly, passing through her determination to achieve her goals, until the big plot twist occurred with Howard’s death and the beginning of her “other” life. The finale of Better Call Saul showed Kim in a situation that was totally unpredictable before the release of the last episode: she visits Saul as his lawyer, again on good terms with her ex-husband, after Saul intentionally confessed his crimes in court, in front of her, getting a long imprisonment sentence. Therefore, the big question is: will we ever see a Kim Wexler spinoff after what happened to her in Better Call Saul? And what would it look like? In this article, we will provide all available answers.

Will there be a Kim Wexler spinoff?

All the interviews made with the Better Call Saul writers and producers at the end of the two shows agree on an official position: currently, there is no intention to extend the Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul universe in any way. In this interview, Vince Gilligan, the creator of the two series, confirmed it a few days before the release of Better Call Saul‘s last episode. According to these official statements, Better Call Saul is supposed to be the last show of the universe.

Is it, therefore, 100% confirmed that there wouldn’t be any new spinoff? Well, it wouldn’t be fair to consider this a certainty. As Gilligan jokes in the interview, he probably declared the same thing after the end of Breaking Bad, and then Better Call Saul came anyway. But his challenge now is to prove that he can write another successful show out of this universe, so most likely, the next thing we will see out of his pen will not belong to the Breaking Bad universe.

At the same time, we all know it: never say never. Especially on this kind of thing. Who said that? Well, Peter Gould in person, the executive produced of Better Call Saul, in this interview.

So let’s speculate. Let’s suppose that in some years, after Gilligan achieved his goal to write something completely different, he will be again fascinated by his beginnings and will start wondering about a possible Kim Wexler spinoff. How will it be?

How would the spinoff be?

An evident truth emerges after watching Better Call Saul: Kim Wexler cannot live without dealing with the law. She is an incredible lawyer. She was firmly determined in her action until she was married to Saul, trying to achieve their goals. True, not all their objectives were legal, but they still belonged to the mindset of finding the way through difficulties, using her speech and planning abilities.

When Kim leaves Jimmy, her second life is a shadow of shat she really is. She lives with an average guy, talking about trivial things all day; she’s unable to make a decision or state something clearly about anything; it’s her way to atone for her guilt, giving up decision-making and adopting a lifestyle that doesn’t really belong to her.

But that could not last long. Before Saul comes back into her life, she decides to volunteer in the free legal service place in Florida, and we can see a spark of her original energy again. That’s what working in the law does to Kim Wekler: it makes her feel alive, accomplished, recognized, and beneficial to society. And that also helps her make amends for what she did in the wrong part of her life.

In a theoretical spinoff of Kim Wexler, we could see her again as a lawyer, maybe opening an independent law firm again. She would be a lawyer with a criminal past, giving thickness to her character. Her ex-husband would be in jail, and she could be willing to help him legally if needed. Moreover, a new romantic involvement with Saul could come up, now that he proved her to be able to admit his guilt and pay for it.

There are all preconditions for a great show. And if one day Vince Gilligan will be willing to contradict himself and start working on it, you will know it from us immediately.