“Con Man Albuquerque”: watch THAT Saul commercial

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“Con Man Albuquerque” is what everybody searched on Google after watching the second-last episode of Better Call Saul. That suspenseful scene where Gene realizes that Marion understood and that masterstroke where we can see the colorful commercial of Saul Goodman reflected on his black&white glasses, all those elements made that scene memorable. And fans know that when Better Call Saul mentions Google searches, there is a good chance you find something tangible on the Internet. It happened with Huell Babineaux and, of course, with the website where you can save Walter White, so the question is: what comes up on the Internet if we search “Con Man Albuquerque”? Let’s understand together.

What video did Marion see after searching “Con Man Albuquerque”?

When the old lady Marion searched “Con Man” and “Albuquerque,” she found one of the numerous commercials Saul Goodman made when he was trying to build his career as Saul Goodman. The commercial Gene saw in that scene, the video we can see reflected in his glasses, is the one you find below.

Old Commercial - Better Call Saul Webisode

After Episode 12 of Better Call Saul Season 6 was released, many fans went under this video, commenting about how dangerous it was for Saul Goodman to keep this commercial on the Internet after becoming Gene.

What’s the meaning of “con man”?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a con man is “a man who cheats or tricks someone by gaining their trust and persuading them to believe something that is not true.” That means that, after Saul became wanted by the law, the media spread his image as a famous con man of Albuquerque, and that’s how Marion found the truth.