What’s Bad Bunny song in the Corona commercial?

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Since 2021, Corona has been releasing a nice set of adverts that are successfully transforming the imagery around the beer. It was about time that the word Corona would remind us pleasant time, and the ads cleverly push the image of famous rappers who enjoy life on a beach, drinking the well-known Mexican beer. Of course, Snoop Dogg is the main sponsor, and Bad Bunny is the perfect, natural continuation of the trend. One commercial, in particular, has a lovely background song, and people are curious about it. Let’s discover it together.

Here on Youtube, you can watch ‚ÄúCold Feet, Cold Hands,‚ÄĚ the Corona commercial starring Bad Bunny.

What’s the song in the Corona commercial with Bad Bunny?

The song featured in the Corona commercial starring Bad Bunny is Callaíta, released by himself in 2019. You can find the official video below.

BAD BUNNY - CALLA√ćTA (Video Oficial)

Callaíta is part of Bad Bunny’s last album, Un Verano Sin Ti. The album collects the most popular tracks recently released by the Puerto Rican rapper, songs that became viral, like Moscow Mule, Me Porto Bonito, and Tití Me Preguntó.

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The snippet of the song featured in the Corona commercial has no lyrics, but you can recognize the beat and the synth. The lyrics of Calla√≠ta talk about a girl who looks shy and quiet but ultimately enjoys partying, getting high, and having sex. We could translate ‚ÄúCalla√≠ta‚ÄĚ in English as ‚Äúquiet little girl.‚ÄĚ

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