The song in the 2022 “Be Iconic” Cadillac commercial?

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Cadillac released a new commercial in July 2022, using the tagline that the car brand has repeatedly used in the last weeks: “be iconic.” The commercial shows many fancy people next to the latest models of Cadillac, under comments like “be original,” “be curious,” “be playful.” And the song we hear in the background has a catchy beat: people have wanted to know what the music is since the first vision of the commercial.

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You can find the “Be iconic” Cadillac commercial for 2022 below.

What’s the song in the new 2022 Cadillac Commercial?

The song featured in the new “Be Iconic” Cadillac commercial released in 2022 is so far unknown, it doesn’t match any public music so far. Therefore it may be a brand new tune that has been produced specifically for this spot.

Cadillac often uses beats of famous artists in the commercials, so there is still a chance that we will get to know the original artist of this song soon. If that happens, we will surely keep you updated here.

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