Thor: Love and Thunder, who is Thor’s daughter?

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After watching Thor: Love and Thunder, one of the biggest curiosities is about the movie ending, where we see Thor raising a little girl as his daughter. Many questions spin around her: who is this daughter, and how does she find a place in the Marvel universe? And does Thor have more children, coming from the other chapters of his story? In this article, we will give all answers available.

Thor: Love and Thunder: who is Thor’s daughter?

The daughter that Thor raises in the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder is not Thor’s biological daughter. As explained in this article, she is Gorr’s daughter, brought back to life through a request to Eternity and then adopted by Thor. She becomes the daughter Thor raises as his own one, and they will be known as Love and Thunder.

There is no presence of Gorr’s daughter in Marvel comics: all Gorr’s daughters died on his planet due to starvation. Therefore we have to assume that Love, Thor’s adoptive daughter introduced in Love and Thunder, will be a new character that Marvel will carefully develop in the following movies.

As supporting proof, there is a surprising curiosity around the little girl: the character is interpreted by India Rose Hemsworth, the real-life daughter of Chris Hemsworth. We could assume that Marvel wants to develop this character fully and has already identified a worthy actress for it.

Does Thor have more sons and daughters?

In Marvel comics, we can see the appearance of many other children of Thor, like the daughters Torunn and Thena and the sons Magni and Modi. None of them ever had an essential role as Love is now having after Thor: Love and Thunder.