Thor: Love and Thunder movie ending, simply explained

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This article reveals the explained plot and the detailed events in Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder, revealing its meaning, symbols, ending and storyline. We recommend you to read it only after watching the movie, and not before, in order to preserve the pleasure of the first vision.

Thor: Love and Thunder is the 4th movie of the Marvel Thor saga, out in July 2022. The film can nicely entertain the audience with some fun moments, the usual epic battles enriched with lots of visual effects, and some aspects of the plot that can be particularly interesting. In this article, we will summarize the events and explain what happens in the ending and how the story may continue for the next saga movie.

The plot simply explained

The first scene introduces Gorr to us: a human (interpreted by Christian Bale) who was worshipping a God and, after his daughter died, got extremely disappointed by Him. The Necrosword has chosen him to kill all Gods, which becomes his mission. Meanwhile, Thor is trying to find peace, waiting for somebody to ask for his help. We see the Guardians of the Galaxy coming to him for help, and he’s happy to answer a critical call among the others: Gorr attacking New Asgard.

Thor no longer has Mjolnir, his old hammer, replaced with the ax Stormbreaker. At the movie’s beginning, Dr. Jane Foster, Thor’s ex-girlfriend, is able to invoke the power of Mjolnir, broken into pieces under a glass exposed to tourists. A few scenes later, in the battle against Gorr’s army in New Asgard, Thor sees his hammer used by someone else, and he gets to meet again with her, Jane Foster, now using Mjolnir because she’s worthy.

Gorr kidnaps all children of New Asgard and leaves for the Shadow Realm. Thor intends to go to Omnipotent City and recruit more Gods to fight Gorr, but the team will be disappointed: Zeus is scared of Gorr and doesn’t want to leave the safety of his Reign. Zeus forces Thor to stay for safety reasons, and that triggers the battle, in which Thor kills Zeus and steals his thunderbolt. Meanwhile, Zeus reveals what Gorr’s plan could be: reaching Eternity and asking for the destruction of all gods.

Thor and his small team go to the Shadow Realm, fighting Gorr, with that catchy classic rock song in the background. However, Gorr’s army is too powerful, and they must leave. But before leaving, Gorr steals Stormbreaker from Thor: he will need it to open the gates leading to Eternity.

Once back on Earth, Thor understands the problem with Jane Foster: her body cannot fight cancer because using Mjolnir consumes all her vital energy. He, therefore, forbids her to use it again. Without other options, he reaches Gorr again, now at the gates that lead to Eternity, intending to fight Gorr alone. And that leads us to the movie ending.

Thor: Love and Thunder ending explained

Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Trailer

Thor finds Gorr using Stormbreaker to open the gates. The battle starts, and surprisingly Thor is helped by the children, who become a worthy army powered by his blessing. The struggle is cruel, and in a moment of difficulty, Jane Foster comes to help. Together they destroy the Necrosword and break the curse it had on Gorr.

The last scene in front of Eternity is full of meaning: Thor knows that Jane Foster is about to die, while Gorr is in front of Eternity, ready to make his request. Thor then explains to Gorr that deep inside himself, he doesn’t seek revenge or death. Everybody seeks love, which is also what Thor realized at that moment about himself. Indeed he turns his back to Gorr and spends the last minutes of Jane’s life with her. With those words, Thor suggests to Gorr to use his only wish to bring his daughter back to life instead of killing all gods.

Gorr understands. His doubt is that his daughter would be alone because he’s about to die. Jane Foster and Thor reassure him: she won’t be alone. Even though Jane Foster is dying too, Thor promises with a nod that he will take care of the little girl.

The happy ending takes place at that point. Gorr asks his daughter back and, before dying, points at Thor, asking him to protect her. In the movie’s final scene, we see Thor happily parenting the little girl, raising her as a warrior Goddess. Together (and back again with the hammer Mjolnir), they will protect good people against evil forces. And they are known as Love and Thunder.

The final scene before the credits shows Zeus alive, asking his son Hercules to seek and kill Thor. That will mean that in the next Thor movie, we will see the battle between Thor and Hercules.

What happens in Thor: Love and Thunder post-credits scene?

In the usual post-credits scene, which is often appearing on Marvel movies, Dr. Jane Foster reaches Valhalla. It means that she died in the battle as a Goddess, not as a human. She’s welcomed by Heimdall, an excellent return to the screen for Marvel fans.

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