The song in Zalando Streetwear commercial 2022: #GoNoticed

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The commercials made by fashion and clothing brands are always particularly captivating, especially from a musical point of view. The arrival of spring has already triggered the questions about the new H&M commercial and what that disco song was that sounds so catchy (you can find everything here). Now the new commercial getting noticed on web and social networks is that of Zalando Streetwear: very urban style, with many young people who perform in classic city activities, including skating and sports bicycles. And a very catchy rap song in the background.

The song from the Zalando Streetwear 2022 advertisement is Style & Fashion by the English rapper Pa Salieu. You can find it below:

Pa Salieu - Style & Fashion (feat. Obongjayar)

The lyrics

The lyrics of the song are in classic modern urban rap style, with lots of slang and orientation to fun, aimed at sexy girls as male rappers often do:

Welcome to the party, show
Style and fashion, show
Eh, gyal, bumper to bumper, check
Gyal, I wanna how you got your body on check-check?
Lookin’ hella dangerous, show
You are hot like the furnace, show
Baby, come sit pon my furniture
Leng inna real life, just like your picture

The city is the protagonist, therefore, in the Zalando Streetwear commercial. “Go Noticed”, as the slogan says.