6 ways to keep your wedding ring safe while traveling for your honeymoon

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Traveling for your honeymoon is one of the best parts about getting married, as you will spend quality time with your spouse at a destination that’s attractive and soothing for both of you. 

Planning out the things you’ll do and places you go during your honeymoon is the main thing that comes to every couple’s mind. But there’s something you should also plan for, and that’s protecting your wedding bands. 

There have been stories about couples losing their precious wedding bands during their honeymoon trip. This is usually painful because of the emotional attachment to and the cost of the ring.

Not only honeymoon – you must know how to keep your wedding band safe even if it’s a vacation or business trip.

Hence, this article provides six ways to keep your wedding ring safe while traveling.

6 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Ring Safe While Traveling

  1. Insure Your Ring

Insuring your ring is one of the best ways to keep your wedding ring safe while on vacation. Several insurance firms provide travel ring insurance. 

If this is something that interests you, speak with your broker to find out what alternatives are offered by the current plans you have. 

To avoid complications in the future, you may consider purchasing jewelry insurance early on. Travel ring insurance often covers womens and mens wedding bands if it is misplaced or stolen; however, specifics will vary between insurance providers and policies. 

Ask your broker if travel insurance is offered globally before purchasing; some plans have exclusions, so be aware of what your package includes.

  1. Know when not to wear your ring

In keeping your wedding safe, you ought to be aware of when to remove your ring for a while. For instance,  say no to wearing your wedding ring to swim in the ocean or the pool.

It’s not advisable to swim with your ring because the fingers contract when in touch with cold water and this could cause the ring to come off and finally fall to the ground.

Also, chlorine is usually added to the pool water and if you own a gold, silver, or platinum wedding ring, it may suffer noticeable damage.

A good suggestion is to purchase an Aquavault to securely keep your valuables while swimming if you visit a pool or the ocean. The Aquavault is a mobile storage solution that works wonders for keeping your valuables secure and out of the hands of burglars. 

While swimming, secure the Aquavault to any rail or a lawn chair. It is portable, lightweight, and protected by a 3-digit password.

  1. Trust Your Gut

Another way to protect your ring is by trusting your gut. You should follow your gut if it tells you to leave your wedding ring in the room at your lodge for your honeymoon. 

You must understand that taking anything so valuable as a ring on vacation carries significant danger. They could be distinctive enough to attract people, and you might lose them due to theft. If your gut tells you not to take your ring out, it’s advisable to secure it in the hotel safe.

  1. Don’t Remove Your Ring at the Airport

There is no need to remove your wedding band when traveling by flight. It’s easy to unintentionally misplace your ring while rushing to get through the airport security line or for a swiper to take advantage of the situation.

  1. Buy A Fake Travel Ring 

Can’t accept a honeymoon without bling? Get a travel-only imitation ring. This might be a brilliant option if you’re concerned that your ring will get damaged or lost while on vacation. 

This might not be your most superb option, though, if you’re visiting a place where theft is a problem, the fake ring could be mistaken for the genuine one, and when stolen, your mind will be at peace because the original is safe.

  1. Get Your Ring Checked

Examine your wedding ring before traveling. Take your ring to the jeweler where you bought the ring, and they will inspect it for any flaws, such as a loose stone or an improperly fitted band. 

Grabbing a loose stone before you travel is preferable to losing it while traveling. Now is the perfect time to insure your ring if you haven’t already. 

Where To Store Your Wedding Ring

  1. Ring Box

The box the ring originally arrived in is typically suitable for storing your ring. These boxes usually feature padding or cushioning to keep the ring firmly in place, even if there are a few bumps on the journey. 

Some jewelers offer boxes with a space for the wedding band, especially when both items are purchased at the same time. So if you are looking for where to store your wedding bands before going to the pool, the ring box is the right place.

  1. A jewelry box 

A jewelry box is one of the safest locations to keep your wedding ring. With a jewelry box, your mind is at rest as your wedding rings are safely stored. Just make sure the interior of the jewelry box isn’t constructed of anything that might damage your ring and that it is lined with cloth.

Also, avoid placing your wedding ring close to other jewelry; the box should include pockets and compartments. Keeping your wedding ring separate is crucial if there are other pieces of jewelry in the box. 

  1. A Pouch

Although a pouch isn’t the best option, it’s the next best thing if you do not have a jewelry box or have misplaced your original ring box. Make sure that the pouch contains only your ring. The pouch should be made of a soft material, such as cotton, velvet, silk, or comparable. 


Traveling for your honeymoon and other purposes can be pretty stressful, and it’s an easy avenue to lose your dear wedding ring if you are not careful.  Therefore, to keep it safe. follow the tips in this guide.