Watch all Breaking Bad moments inspired by Pulp Fiction

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In that journey inside the world of homemade (or rather camper-made) methamphetamine showed in Breaking Bad along its five seasons, all references, easter eggs and explicit influences weren’t completely evident at first glance. Probably because our attention was focused elsewhere: in seeing where the evolution of Walter White would arrive, from being a family father victim of the health system to becoming the lord of drug distribution in New Mexico.

Nevertheless, the references are there. One of the most frequent is Pulp Fiction, the gangster cult-movie directed by Quentin Tarantino in 1994, and recently a video has become popular in Internet, showing in two minutes all the scenes where Breaking Bad paid homage to Pulp Fiction. If some homages could have been recognized immediately (for example, Jane’s overdose in the second season, which follows very closely the vicissitudes of Mia Wallace), others weren’t very explicit and could appear as totally new, watching the video (like the many parallels between Walter White and Butch, the Pulp Fiction character played by Bruce Willis).

The video has the dual function of both discovering new hidden elements of Breaking Bad‘s beauty and highlighting once again the reasons why people loved it so much.

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