Rapper P-Lo & the song in the 2023 Wingstop commercial

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We know it very well: music is one of the most prominent elements in a thriving commercial. We often have the chance to explore new music and soundtracks on our pages, and the advertising world never fails to give us new inputs. One ad, in particular, has been catching the spotlight since the summer of 2023: the new Wingstop commercial, with the two kids in the backseat of the car and a song that became the absolute protagonist. The rapper behind it is P-Lo, a well-known artist located on the West Coast. Let’s discover more about him, the song, and the commercial.

You can watch the 6-second version of the 2023 Wingstop commercial here on Youtube.

Rapper P-Lo & the song in the 2023 Wingstop commercial

The song featured in the 2023 Wingstop commercial is Put Me On Something by the American rapper P-Lo featuring E-40. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

P-Lo - Put Me On Somethin' (feat. E-40)

P-lo (born Paulo Rodriguez) is one of the founding members of the Hip-hop collective The HBK Gang. He founded it in 2008 together with Iamsu, Chief, and Skipper, quickly becoming one of the hottest music acts in California and the United States. They are credited as responsible for a new wave of hip hop in the Bay Area, able to involve thousands of fans in their tours.

Like the other members of the collective, P-Lo started his solo career around 2012. He released Put Me On Something in 2017, collaborating with Californian rapper E-40. With its 8 million views on Youtube, Put Me On Something is still the most popular track he ever released.

Put Me On Something is one of those rap songs that brag about their status and prestige as local artists of the area. The lyrics you hear in the commercial are the following:

If they hatin’ got a price to pay
California on my license plate
Last year they ain’t even like the Bay

Put Me On Something
Put Me On Something

It’s a song that’s supposed to make you feel awesome, and the Wingstop commercial wanted to reach precisely that purpose. Its energy is so clear that the ad didn’t really need anything else: you pump up the volume and wish the closest Wingstop restaurant is not too far.

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