Tom Brady & the 2023 Lays commercial: all football players

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All the well-renowned brands of snacks and drinks owned by PepsiCo are the protagonists of the new commercial aired in 2023, with a massive collection of former NFL athletes evaluating the possibility of… unretiring. The ad featuring Lays, Pepsi, and the other PepsiCo products went viral immediately, primarily because of the personalities starring in it. There is also Tom Brady in a short cameo with Julian Edelman at the end of the commercial, whereas the star in the central part of the ad is Dan Marino, together with other famous football players. Let’s see what happened.

You can watch the 2023 Lays commercial at the end of this article.

Tom Brady, Julian Edelman & the 2023 Lays commercial: all the football players

The commercial released in 2023 by Pepsico promoting Doritos, Lays, Pepsi, and the other snacks & drinks brands introduces the idea of “unretiring” back into the NFL. In the ad, many former NFL stars evaluate what would happen if they decide to enter the field again today.

The four football players sitting on the couch at the beginning of the 2023 Lays commercial are Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, Randy Moss, and Emmitt Smith. Of course, they are still deeply involved in their favorite sport, so Dan Marino has this shocking idea: let’s unretire! From that moment, the imagination kicks in: under the notes of the song Without Me by Eminem (and its famous line “Guess who’s back, back again?”), we see those four legends again in the game, but with some collateral effects caused by their age. The scene is hilarious, and everybody just loved it.

Fans are, of course, thrilled. Even the players on the field cannot believe it. Josh Allen sees Dan Marino appearing in front of his eyes and, later on, cannot avoid asking for a selfie with him while he’s exhausted on the ground. Meanwhile, Emmith Smith is asking the Pepsi guy if he offers senior discounts. He must be thirsty.

At the end of the 2023 Lays commercial, we see the effect that the idea of unretirement has on people. In a short cameo, we see Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, two recently retired NFL champions, looking at each other and asking: “Who would do that?” And Tom Brady’s face doesn’t find the idea so weird.

A funny commercial always works, especially if it’s filled by famous stars. PepsiCo managed to bring many prominent football personalities together in a one-minute commercial that immediately entered people’s favorites.

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