From TV series explained: what are the worms in the blood?

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The Epix/MGM+ TV series From landed in 2023 on HBO with its second season, and again, spectators were caught in the mystery of the plot. It’s one of those shows where you never know what is really happening: the theories are many and more questions come up episode after episode. We already discussed here what the monsters could be. Today, we will discuss the worms that Boyd sees under his skin, what they can represent, and why they can lead to a different theory. Let’s discover it.

You can watch the official trailer for From Season 2 here on Youtube.

From TV series explained: what are the worms?

The worms are a recurring symbol in the plot of the series From. We see them already under Sarah’s skin when they order her to kill the little boy. It’s a topic of discussion between Boyd and Sarah during her walk in the woods. But they become protagonists after Boyd gets them from the imprisoned man: his blood becomes Boyd’s blood, and from that moment, the Sheriff feels this ghostly presence inside himself.

In Episode 6 of Season 2, we have a plot twist: Boyd realizes that he could someone pass those worms to someone else. He goes outside at night, cuts a monster’s throat with his knife, and mixes his blood with the monster’s. Surprisingly, the worms kill the monster.

That generated a whole new perspective on¬†From‚Äės spectators. Until that moment, we all assumed the worms were an evil presence. But after realizing that they are the only thing so far that could kill a monster, we can now consider them an ally (although they seem painful when you have them). From this point of view, fans have wondered if the white boy and the ballerina we see in the series aren‚Äôt a guide for humans, friendly entities that help humans understand how to deal with monsters.

An additional element triggered curiosity around the worms in From: after Boyd passes them to the monster, his hands stop shaking. Those symptoms he identified as Parkinson’s disease cease to exist. This triggered a brand-new theory that could explain the events in From, raised by some user on Reddit: what if Boyd is a person with dementia, and those were the symptoms of the disease’s development?

According to this theory, the whole series could be the collective vision of people living in a medical facility. As often happens in those structures, patients need to stay in their rooms at night, and a sort of curfew is activated. The altered visions of¬†From‚Äės characters could represent the distorted reality perceived by people affected by dementia. And from this point of view, the monsters could be the facility‚Äôs nurses.

The moment Boyd goes out and faces the monster can be interpreted inside this theory: maybe Boyd was having a fit from his disease, and once the monster/nurse found him, he helped him feel better. If you see the scene with Boyd and the monster, once Boyd places his hand on the monster’s neck, it seems he receives a sort of shock: could it be the treatment the nurse administered to him?

We could discover more about the worms, the monsters, and the theories that explain From while watching more episodes. But be careful: as it happened with Lost, the answers could never arrive.

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