Fubar cast: Fabiana Udenio is ex-wife Tally Brunner

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Action series are fun to watch, especially if they involve spy stories, secret agents, and international missions. But if you also include a weird family situation, Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a CIA agent with a lot of self-irony and many amusing exchanges, you understand the success of FUBAR, the tv series that landed on Netflix in May 2023. The show represented one of the biggest streaming cases of those weeks, and people were interested to discover the other cast members. There was curiosity about the role of Luke Brunner’s ex-wife Tally: the actress interpreting her is Fabiana Udenio; let’s find out more about her and the other movies and TV shows where she played.

You can watch the official trailer for FUBAR here on Youtube.

Fubar cast: Fabiana Udenio is ex-wife Tally Brunner

The actress playing Tally Brunner, Luke’s ex-wife in the Netflix TV show FUBAR is the  Italian-Argentine actress Fabiana Udenio. She has been present in Italian TV and productions for many years, with several presences in international movies and TV shows: when FUBAR was released on Netflix, she was 58.

Fabiana was born on December 21, 1964, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She began her acting career in Italy, where she appeared in various Italian films and television shows. Her most notable role to date probably came in the 1997 film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, in which she played the character Alotta Fagina, a seductive henchwoman. You can find her in the video below, probably not easy to recognize today.

Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery: Alotta Fagina.

Back in those years, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery gained a cult following, and Udenio’s performance became one of her most recognized roles.

Fabiana grew up in Italy and started working as an actress already as a teenager. When she was still 15, she caught the spotlight by inaugurating the birth of Rai 3, the third channel of national public broadcasting TV. Her presentation of the new TV channel was remembered for her tight rose suit and provocative attitude, which was considered innovative for those years. That was her official TV debut: you can watch it here on Youtube.

Since the early 80s, Fabiana Udenio has played in numerous movies and TV shows within Italian and international productions. She appeared in 1990’s movie RoboCop 2 and in 2001’s The Wedding Planner, and had small presences in cult series like NYPD, Baywatch, Renegade, Walker Texas Ranger.

The 2023 production FUBAR may represent a fresh start for an actress with a decades-long career. We may need to keep an eye on her in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, you can follow her on her IMDb page and on Instagram, where she happily celebrated the release of the Netflix show with many funny posts.

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