Did Ford really make a “very gay Raptor” commercial?

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In the middle of the massive wave of “woke” commercials emerging in 2023, trying to stay far from the challenging debate on social networks, we need to provide some information about a curiosity that came up in May 2023: people have been discussing a commercial that Ford released some months before, with a “very gay” model of their ranger raptor, in the rainbow colors. Is it true, or it’s fake news? Let’s find out.

Did Ford really make a “very gay Raptor” commercial?

It happened in 2021 in Europe, in a time and place where a commercial supporting the LGBT community wasn’t triggering any debate. Ford Germany released it as a response to a comment they received on social media. Everything is clearly explained in their first video in June 2021, published on their official Twitter. You find it below:

At that time, it was a quick video made for social media to answer a user comment saying: “the blue color is very gay.”  It’s important to note that the statement was not intended as a homophobic attack but only as a joke. The commercial just wanted to introduce an amusing answer to the discussion. Indeed, as you can see in the comments under the tweet, people just laughed about it, and no polemics were raised. And as ABC News explained in 2021, the rainbow-colored model of Ranger Raptor was not for sale.

Given the social success of that tweet, some months later, Ford Europe released this commercial on Youtube, repeating the idea of a rainbow-colored Ranger Raptor.

It was an initiative of Ford Europe in 2021. In Europe, the discussion around the explicit support of the so-called “woke” trend is not (yet) causing debates as it’s happening in the United States. However, social networks have been sharing information about this commercial again in 2023, triggering a new flame of comments very different from people’s reactions months before.

Times change quickly, especially today. And this article doesn’t take sides: as an entertainment webzine unrelated to any brands, we only intend to provide useful information you can use to develop your opinion independently.

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