What happens to Mayor Jahns in the series Silo?

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Watching the events of a TV series evolve episode after episode can lead to endless questions, especially if it’s one of those series that releases a new episode every week. Silo, the TV show which landed on Apple TV in May 2023, is one of the best examples: it’s based on a dystopian book series by Hugh Howey, so it’s actually possible to have answers, and every episode has something relevant happening. Among the questions viewers had, the doubt is about what happened to Mayor Jahns: is she dead? Did they poison her? This article will explain what happened, allowing you to choose if you want to avoid spoilers or know the whole truth.

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What happens to Mayor Jahns in the series Silo?

Jahns has been mayor of the silo for a very long time. She’s respected by people and can make important decisions without being influenced by others. For this reason, she has enemies: Bernard, the head of IT, is hungry for power and sees her as an obstacle to gaining more authority in the silo.

In episode 3 of the Apple TV series Silo, we see Mayor Jahns involved in a crucial decision, appointing the next Sheriff after Holston’s death. Bernard and the Judicial want Peter Billings as the silo’s new sheriff. Still, Jahns is one of the few who wish to support the person appointed by Holston as his successor: Juliette Nichols, working on the mechanics floor.

By officially appointing Juliette as the new Sheriff, Mayor Jahns sent a clear sign of independence to her enemies. She believes everything will be fine. However, at the ending of Episode 3, we discover her bleeding on the floor. What happened to her? Is she dying, and did they poison her?

The destiny of Mayor Jahns is a critical event in the plot of Silo. You will probably understand what happens to her by watching the series’ other episodes. But if you want an answer now, you can proceed with the reading.

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Mayor Jahns dies in Silo. In the book series, we discover that she’s poisoned by Bernard through the water he gives her. This will be a major plot twist in the series because it will change the authorities in the silo from that moment. Bernard suddenly becomes more powerful and fires Juliette as a sheriff, replacing her with his original candidate, Peter Billings. As a main character of Silo, Juliette’s destiny will evolve from that moment in new directions. You can discover her story by keep watching the series.

The death of Mayor Jahns marks the milestone that will trigger a change of authority in the silo. From that moment, things will escalate at every episode.

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