Instagram Features Perfect for Small Businesses

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. That’s why you will find almost every business, from large to small, having a well-maintained Instagram account.

With such popularity, you will also find a plethora of organic growth tools that help you get free Instagram followers quickly. So, before deciding to use one like SimplyGram, make sure you go over reviews for your satisfaction.

As a small business owner, you can make use of certain Instagram features that are ideal for helping you boost brand awareness, generate loyal customers, or increase sales. No matter your business goals, we’ll share 5 Instagram features in this article for your success.

1. Instagram Shopping

Once Instagram users discover your brand on this platform and want to invest in your brand, the Instagram Shopping feature will come in handy. Instagram wants to help businesses and convert interested buyers into paying buyers on the platform with this feature.

You can tag your products on the feed or your stories. Tapping on the products will let individuals view the product name and price. They can even checkout without leaving the app with a simple click.

In addition, you can add a “view shop” tab right below your profile bio. So, interested customers can directly view all the items in one place and quickly make a purchase.

2. Instagram Live

Instagram Live is a great way to connect with your audience and bring them closer to your brand. You can hold Q&A sessions, show your newly launched product, or even teach your audience how to use your product the right way.

You can be as creative as possible. With live sessions, you can introduce your new products to your audience and develop their interest. This will help them better learn about your business and draw them closer to you.

3. Instagram Stories Highlights

Since Instagram Stories perform great among Instagram users, you can take advantage of the Instagram Stories Highlights to extend their 24-hour life.

Once you create stories and post them on your account, you can also save them as highlights on your profile below the bio section.

Instagram Stories Highlights can be created for customer reviews, current sales, limited stock, about us, behind-the-scenes, and whatnot. These are ideal for building trust in your potential customers, helping them learn better about your small business, and even converting them into real customers.

4. Pinned Comments

Instagram lets you pin your 3 favorite comments on the top of the comment section of your post. This is a great way for small businesses to divert their audience’s attention from spam or hate comments to something positive while preserving their brand image.

Furthermore, pinning comments of your audience can also help you highlight something positive or helpful about your brand in front of others.  

5. Instagram Stickers

Instagram offers a variety of valuable stickers that facilitate businesses in collecting feedback, understanding their targeted audiences’ needs and wants, and building a strong relationship with them.

For example, using poll or slider stickers is ideal for connecting better with your audience and understanding their preferences. Question stickers can help you get ideas for your future product launches or how you can improve your brand.

Quiz stickers help boost the engagement rate on stories. Whereas, countdown stickers can help you generate buzz for your product launch or an important business event. You can always encourage your followers to turn on the reminder and get notified.