“VASE”: Bailey is the talking dog in the Chewy commercial

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For many of us, pets are really more than just pets. And starting from this simple assumption, in March 2023, Chewy released a set of three new commercials on the concept of pets that are involved as members of the family much more than average. The most popular commercial is the one with Bailey, who became the new icon of American TV, then there is the other dog saying “VASE” in the funniest way and an awesome cat, Mr. Marbles: let’s discover who the talking dog in the Chewy commercial is and what the other ads are.

Bailey, the talking dog in the Chewy commercial, and the other ads

Bailey is the talking dog sitting at the dinner table with the rest of the family in the Chewy commercial released in March 2023. You can watch the commercial here on Youtube.

In the ad, the dog is normally talking with the rest of the family, sharing what he did like the other kids. Bailey is proud of himself: he didn’t take a single flea or tick during his morning walk in the woods. Probably thanks to the medicine Dad ordered with Chewy, of course. 

The internet just loved the commercial, and you can witness their positive feedback in the comments under the video. And some important questions have been answered by Chewy’s official media account:

Who is Bailey the dog?

As per Chewy’s answer, Bailey is a 10-year-old yellow labrador. His real name is Raleigh. People would like to see him on Instagram, but apparently, he’s not there (yet!)

Who’s the actor playing the dad in the Chewy commercial with Bailey, the talking dog?

That was a bit harder to find out, but Chewy helped us: the actor playing “Favorite Dad” in the commercial is the Canadian actor Jason McKinnon.

Bailey is not the only talking dog of the 2023 Chewy commercial. The other talking dog is in this ad released a few weeks later, talking with his owner as his best friend. In this case, the fascinating topic of the conversation is: how cool is it to have a tail? The dog knows but also reassures the man: maybe a thousand years from now, he’ll know too! For this second commercial, we don’t know the dog’s name. Chewy just confirmed his breed, probably a Red-heeler/shepherd mix. What we know for sure is that he became famous as the dog of the “vase” Chewy commercial: the way he pronounces that word is now viral on social networks.

The other pet getting viral on the Internet because of the Chewy commercial is Mr. Marbles, the cat who just received a wealthy inheritance from his owner. Not just the delivery of his Chewy boxes for the rest of his life but also the summer house the other “siblings” loved so much. You can find the “Inheritance” Chewy commercial here on Youtube.

Nowadays, Chewy talking pets are very popular on the Internet. now you know more about Bailey and the others!

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