Welcome to Eden, the cast: Lola Rodríguez is Mayka

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Welcome to Eden is the successful Spanish TV series produced in 2022 for Netflix. It was renewed for a second season in April 2023, getting again in the top 10 of the most streamed series on the platform. And obviously, people were again curious to discover more about the cast. One particular actress has been trending: Lola Rodríguez, interpreting Mayka, a transgender member of the Eden Foundation. Let’s find out more about her.

You can watch the official trailer for Welcome to Eden season 2 here on Youtube.

Welcome to Eden, the cast: Lola Rodríguez is Mayka

The actress playing Mayka in the Netflix series Welcome to Eden is the Spanish actress and model Lola Rodríguez. Lola is a young performer, born in 1998: when Season 2 of Welcome to Eden was released, she was 24.

As Mayka, the character she interprets in the TV series, Lola Rodríguez is also transgender. She was born male, then identified as a woman at 11, and started the transition procedure at 13, with the support of her father. Since then, Lola has been an activist supporting LGBT rights, actively participating in speeches and celebrations in Spain.

Her acting career started in 2020 with the Spanish TV series Veneno. In 2021, she also played in the movie Polyamory for Dummies: you will surely recognize her in the trailer. Lola Rodríguez is also a model for many fashion brands, as you can see on her Instagram. Fans have been looking for photos of her before the transition, but since she was only a child, you probably won’t find anything on the Internet.

Welcome to Eden is the first international stage for Lola Rodríguez, now debuting also in the United States. We will surely hear from her more often now.

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