Alonso shares Karma by Taylor Swift: the lyrics meaning

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Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso have been the subject of romance rumors after reports that the couple was seen together in several public places. While it has not been officially confirmed if they are in a relationship, speculation on social media has increased after Alonso shared a video on his TikTok account that features Taylor Swift’s song Karma as the soundtrack.

So far, we only know for sure that the two have just come out of long-term relationships, but this could be a mere coincidence and does not necessarily mean that they ended their previous relationships to start a new one together.

So, what does Taylor Swift’s song Karma mean and why did Fernando Alonso use it in his video? Karma is a revenge song that talks about how those who have been hurt will eventually get what they deserve. The song says in some of its lines:

Karma is my boyfriend
Karma is a god
Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend
Karma’s a relaxing thought
Aren’t you envious that for you it’s not?

You can watch the official lyric video of Taylor Swift’s Karma below:

Taylor Swift - Karma (Lyric Video)

It’s possible that Fernando Alonso used this song as a way to suggest that he has gone through difficulties in his past relationships and that he believes in the idea that karma eventually comes around. Or perhaps he just likes the song and used it as the soundtrack for his video without any hidden meaning behind it… But it seems quite strange that he’s sharing Taylor Swift songs now while winking at us, doesn’t it?

However, the question remains: are Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso in a romantic relationship? So far, there’s no official confirmation that they are. But if they are, how will they handle the pressure of being two celebrities in a public relationship? How will this affect their careers? What do their fans think about this?

Only time will tell if the rumors of a relationship between Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso are true. But in the meantime, speculation and interest in their personal lives will continue to be a popular topic of conversation.

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