The Wood Milk and Aubrey Plaza commercial: is it real?

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Things got so weird lately that it’s often hard to understand if something is real or fake. In April 2023, a serious new commercial emerged on the Internet, with the American actress Aubrey Plaza introducing a new product she personally invested in: Wood Milk. According to the ad, you can drink milk produced by trees, and everybody wonders if it’s real. Let’s understand what happened.

You can watch the Wood Milk commercial with Aubrey Plaza below.

Aubrey Plaza Launches New Product 😱 #drinkwoodmilk

The Wood Milk and Aubrey Plaza commercial: is it real?

If you watch the Wood Milk commercial with Aubrey Plaza until the end, you actually have the answer: no, wood milk is not real

The ad represents a parody of a fictional alternative product, playing on the possible charm it can have on those who usually explore other types of milk. The commercial is actually part of the “Got Milk?” campaign, aimed to encourage milk consumption. Indeed, the commercial ends with a statement that triggered a debate within the vegan community: “only real milk is real.” The extended version of the commercial also has an explicit comment on Youtube: “Wood Milk is obviously fake and has 0% nutritional value.”

The “Got Milk?” advertisement campaign was born in 1993, created by the California Milk Processor Board, a nonprofit marketing board administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The campaign has run more or less continuously since its birth and is aimed to incentivize the consumption of milk over other possible choices like soft drinks and alternative kinds of milk. It’s a direct commercial supporting milk and dairy products.

Since it was born, the “Got Milk?” campaign was incredibly successful and quickly became a cultural phenomenon. The tagline “Got Milk?” became a widely recognized catchphrase, and the ads were parodied in numerous TV shows, movies, and commercials. The campaign helped to increase milk consumption in California by over 7%, and it is still regarded as one of the most successful advertising campaigns of all time.

In the past, many popular commercials were released inside the “Got Milk?” campaign. One example was the one with the old neighbor having a weird accident, motivating kids to drink milk to develop strong bones.

With Wood Milk, the “Got Milk?” campaign was probably aware of the debate that would start. We have the chance to observe the effects of the commercial on social media.

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