Ghosted (2023) plot & ending explained: what is it about?

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Ghosted was released worldwide on Apple TV on April 21, 2023. Starring Ana De Armas and Chris Evans, and directed by Dexter Fletcher, the movie is described on Wikipedia as a “romantic action-adventure comedy.” Which is a lot of tags to understand what it is about, right? In this article, we will explore the plot and the ending, providing the movie’s meaning explained.

You can watch the official trailer for the Apple TV movie Ghosted below

Ghosted — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Ghosted (2023) plot & ending explained: what is it about?

In the 2023 Apple TV movie Ghosted the protagonists are Sadie (Ana De Armas) and Cole (Chris Evans). In the movie beginning, she’s introduced as an art curator who travels a lot, whereas Cole is a farmer who never left the United States. Their characters are just one opposite of the other: she’s a strong, independent woman who hates when men get too attached and needy, and he’s a guy who falls in love too quickly and immediately pushes forward the relationship into something closer.

When they meet, they spend one full day together, then they separate. Cole starts messaging her frequently, getting no answers. As his sister suggests, he’s getting ghosted, meaning she decided to disappear without a word, stopping every communication (here is where the movie title comes from). But the movie Ghosted is not about being in a toxic relationship: what happens is that Cole flies to London to surprise Sadie and discovers she’s a CIA agent involved in a very dangerous operation in Europe.

The movie Ghosted quickly becomes an action film with a romantic side and many funny situations, as the plot explained that something new growing inside Cole and Sadie. He will prove he can be a man of action, and she will learn that feelings and connections are worth a sacrifice and “missions” don’t always come first.

Sadie is a CIA agent trying to get her hands on the Aztec, a dangerous weapon targeted by many criminals. The weapon is locked inside a suitcase, and the combination is the genetic sequence of some living being yet to be discovered. Everybody looks for the Taxman, an American man willing to sell the combination that opens the suitcase. When Cole lands in London, everybody is convinced he’s the Taxman. But we soon discover that “Taxman” is Sadie’s nickname.

The gangsters chase Sadie and Cole, looking for the combination that, in fact, nobody knows right now (the only people knowing it in the past are dead). They manage to escape and return to the CIA, where Cole has an important insight by looking at the pictures of the people killed by Sadie: the combination must be the genetic sequence of an Aztec plant in the house of the girl recently killed by Sadie.

At the ending of Ghosted, the movie plot explained how Cole and Sadie manage to stay alive. Cole is used as bait to expose the criminals, but the CIA agents protecting him are killed. He should run away, but he decides to stay, believing Sadie will come to save him. And so it happens: Sadie and Cole get happily together, she’ll meet his family, and from that moment on, they will have a life together. This is what Ghosted ending is about: we see Sadie able to find a moment to spend with Cole while she’s on a secret mission around the world.

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