Ticket to Paradise: the Clooney-Roberts Hotel location

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How many times did you watch a popular movie and immediately wish to travel to some beautiful places you just saw? Yeah, we hear you. Especially with movies like Ticket to Paradise, based precisely on the idea that you can take a flight and go to a place that just feels out of the world. In the plot of that movie, the location is Bali, but the real-life places where George Clooney and Julia Roberts were during the shooting were far away from there. Let’s discover the filming locations together and see if you can really book rooms 221 and 222!

You can watch the official trailer for Ticket to Paradise here on Youtube.

Ticket to Paradise: the hotel location of George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ characters

Although the movie Ticket to Paradise tells the story of two divorced parents who follow their daughter to Bali for her surprise wedding, Bali is not the real location where the movie was filmed. Most of the movie shooting took place in the islands of Queensland, on Australia’s eastern coast. 

The hotel where George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ characters sleep in the movie Ticket to Paradise is a collage of different real places you can actually visit on location. One of them is the Tangalooma Island Resort, on Moreton Island, a 75-minutes ferry trip from Brisbane. Many of the movie’s key scenes, like the dolphin swimming scene or the sunset, were shot on that island.

On the other hand, the hotel lobby and the bar were filmed in a different location: the Long Pavillon at the Qualia Resort on Hamilton Island, a place you can reach with a 2-hour flight from the previous location. And the other scenes in the hotel’s outdoor area were actually shot in Bali, at the Alila Manggis Hotel.

All three hotels mentioned above offer precisely the kind of experience you would want if you wish to spend your vacation as George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ characters in the movie, with fabulous beaches, clear water, and amazing natural places. However, if you intended to book rooms 221 and 222 of the hotel location where Mr. and Mrs. Cotton slept in Ticket To Paradise, we had bad news: those doors were part of the set built in the filming studios on purpose for the movie.

To close the circle, if you wish to know the place where Gede and his family live, the huge location on the sea with all those bungalows, that’s the Palm Bay Resort in Long Island, Queensland, Australia.

On Queensland.com, the website dedicated to guiding tourists in that area, you can find this article dedicated to the location details you saw in the movie Ticket to Paradise, including the hotel you were looking for.

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