War Sailor, the cast: Kristoffer Joner is Freddy

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After Narvik, a new perspective on the World War 2 has landed on Netflix in April 2023. It’s again a Norwegian production, War Sailor, the story of Norway’s merchant sailors who were forced to join the war after Germany occupied Norway in 1940. And given the general interest in this topic, people have been curious about how the cast was composed. The actor interpreting the protagonist, Freddy, is a known presence in recent cinema: his name is Kristoffer Joner; let’s discover the movies and TV series where we have seen him.

You can watch the official trailer for War Sailor here on Youtube.

War Sailor, the cast: Kristoffer Joner is Freddy

The actor playing Alfred / Freddy in the Netflix series War Sailor is the Norwegian actor Kristoffer Joner. Kristoffer’s career as an actor started in 1996: when War Sailor was released in 2022, he was 49.

Among the most famous movies Kristoffer Joner worked on are 2015’s movie The Revenant and 2018’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout. For the latter, he played the Norwegian nuclear weapon specialist Nils: you can watch him in the scene below.

Mission Impossible 6: Fallout fake CNN

His debut role as an actor was in the 1996 TV series Offshore. Since then, Kristoffer Joner has become a well-known actor in Norway and internationally. Other notable roles he played over the last years include Jonas in the disaster film The Wave (2015) and its sequel The Quake (2018) and Michael in the thriller film Hidden (2009).

Joner has won several awards for his performances, including a Norwegian Amanda Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Hawaii, Oslo (2004). War Sailor represents one of the last important roles of his career, but we will surely see him again soon in other international productions. In the meanwhile, you can study his filmography on IMDb.

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