Murder Mystery 2 plot explained: who is the killer?

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Netflix’s audience is happy to welcome the second installment of the Murder Mystery franchise: Murder Mystery 2 was released in March 2023, and, once again, the viewers had to deal with a puzzle to solve. The cast is full of stars (we gave you a chance to discover more about the actress playing Claudette here), and the movie is quite funny. The plot is not that complicated, but we will simplify it, answering the main question: who is the villain? Is there a killer, or it’s just a kidnapper? And what was their intention? Here all answers are explained.

You can watch the official trailer for Murder Mystery 2 here on Youtube.

Murder Mystery 2 plot explained: who is the killer?

Nick and Audrey Spitz are now private investigators. They are invited by their friend, the Maharajah, to attend his wedding on his private island. He marries Claudette, a French girl he met in Paris. On the wedding day, though, we see the Maharajah entering the palace and being stabbed in his back. However, we soon discover he isn’t the real Maharajah: he is Mr. Lou, his bodyguard. The Maharajah is, in fact, kidnapped, and the day after, the kidnapper asks for a 70$ million ransom.

So far, as spectators, we believe there is a villain who is Mr. Lou’s killer and the Maharajah’s kidnapper. But Nick and Audrey Spitz have an insight: the kidnapper could not kidnap the Maharajah and kill Mr. Lou simultaneously. He indeed has an accomplice, and the rest of the plot evolves with the Spitz couple trying to find out who the villains are.

After many adventures and suspects, we finally understand that the kidnapper is the private detective Connor Miller. His motive is mainly money: by kidnapping the Maharajah, he had the chance to ask for a conspicuous ransom, and the Maharajah’s friends were indeed ready to pay. He also wants to harm the Spitzs’ reputation as investigators, showing up as a professional when the mystery needs to be solved.

At some point, we see Connor Miller’s van blowing up, and we believe he’s dead, but it was just a fake explosion organized to dissolve all suspects about him. We see another person stealing the money from the van: that’s part of the staged explosion. What wasn’t part of Miller’s plan is that Imani and the Countess steal (again) the money because… well, everybody loves 70$ million, right?

At the ending of Murder Mystery 2the movie has also explained the accomplice’s identity and motive: it’s the Maharajah’s sister, Saira, who has always been jealous of his wealth. She believes he doesn’t deserve to be that rich, so she decides to get some of his money by organizing his kidnapping. Therefore, we understand that Connor Miller and Saira managed everything together. Their goal was simply to get the ransom money (or if the ransom wasn’t paid, they could kill the Maharajah and Saira would become the owner of the family business).

Knowing all this, the question about who the killer is becomes less important: there are two main villains in the plot of Murder Mystery 2, the detective Connor Miller and the Maharajah’s sister, Saira, and that’s how the movie explained the events. The Spitzs solve the mystery and are rewarded by the Maharajah with a bag full of cash, but the pilot steals the money again. Apparently, money, power, and prestige are the motives behind everybody’s actions.

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