7 Ways To Bring a Couple’s Personality into Their Wedding Day Photos

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Another big day has come, and the wedding bells ring their toll. There you stand before the couple interpreting their love in poetic photography. Embodying their undying love, you portray bespoken vows and everlasting commitment.

Today you breathe life into their personality from behind the lens, capturing the essence of pure human interaction. As a photographer, you’ve spent unbarred hours cultivating your skills to paint in portraits and imagery these subtle gestures. Vivid colors, sepia tones, or black and white; are all seasoned experiences of a proficient photographer. No matter the choice, you guarantee a professional practice.

This article will address you directly, creating innovative concepts for you to implement in the next wedding day session. We will be tossing around ideas and highlighting your craft in skillful photography, uncovering the photographer in you, and providing the steps you could go about preparing your bride and groom for their day in the spotlight and showing all their personality in your photos.

1.    Meet The Couple in Person Before the Wedding

Competent photography is all about knowing the principles of etiquette. Reassuring the couple you devote the time to get to know them is more than important for them.

Every couple holds its supply of quirks and hidden gems. As a wedding photographer, you surely are acquainted with the necessity of gathering details about the future couple; such a method helps you understand who they are and what they want. Invite them out for a day of fun chatter, exchanging back and forth you gain their trust while drawing a plan for your photo session.

Going over the details saves a lot of time; and enables you to illustrate their distinct traits. Memorizing and focusing on their features allows you to hold a personalized photoshoot. As you identify with them, you make them feel relaxed and confident in themselves and your skills. The prospect of their lifestyles and hobbies can then be easily incorporated into your time behind the camera.

2.    Incorporate Their Hobbies

A personal occasion requires unique activities; photographers apply their magic by showcasing the favorite habits and hobbies of the soon-to-be MR. and Mrs. you can go the extra mile and pick up diving lessons; for some couples like their photos taken under the blue shores of vast seas right alongside magnificent creatures.

Others like to spend their time in nature; the photographer in you is resilient and always prepared for different requests, whether indoors or outdoors. Asking your couple about their hobbies shows how invested you are in your job and presents a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your touch. As you unfold their personality, you can preserve your aesthetic and maintain a sense of who they are.

3.    Give an Accent on Their Style Attributes

Mastering the finesse of assimilating individual attributes is a skill; transform this photo session into a narrative. Tell the story of their love, reflect on the history of their relationship, and encourage them to own their truths.

People have their persona; your job as a photographer is to complement elements of their looks. Encompass their identity; hearten the session by encouraging couples. For example, if the couple wears glasses in everyday life, you can suggest wearing their favorite glasses during the photoshoot as well, or if they have tattoos, you can give advice not to cover them with makeup. Try to give accent to these features and  make them a part of their personalized style . Photographers can accent the beauty of such refined details. Couples always receive these things well and appreciate photographers who don’t try to change their true colors and can lessen the photo stress.

4.    Get Their Pets Involved

A fun idea you can ask your prospective couple to bring along their pets to take photos of them together, as involving pets into wedding theme is always a cute idea. You can suggest that they make their pet their wedding ring bearer. Taking unique photos will be much appreciated as a photographer. You can always comfort the couple and share previous shots you’ve taken of couples with their furry friends.

Inform them about lifestyle sessions and how fun they can be; assure them that it’ll be stress-free, especially when you recommend a caregiver for their pets during the session. You can also ask them to prepare a vision board of what they want it to look like.

5.    Choose a Sentimental Location

Photographers can always improve their photos by recommending that the shoots take place in nostalgic places or venues with a special meaning to the couple. The location will tell you much about the lighting and suitable equipment, so inquire about it.

You can inspire them to go down memory lane and capture their passion in the place they met. Or ask them if they’d like to have a date-like photo session, something romantic, simple, and sweet. A photo with a candlelit dinner; or a stroll under the sparkling sun; you can add certain backdrops or decors to amplify the scene and ignite the warmth and affection

Some couples might cooperate and share their ideas; try to make them feel welcomed and reciprocated and consider their ideas.

6.    Provoke Genuine Laughter

Try to suggest certain poses; a couple can be camera shy or a tad nervous standing behind the camera. Create a friendly environment and positive atmosphere; throw a joke to get the best photo of their laughs.

Such nuance may be challenging for some photographers, but you can downplay the stress by practicing these shots beforehand; you can ask the couple to close their eyes and go back to a reminiscent moment; or have them stand in front of each other and gaze into each other’s eyes lovingly. A kiss on the nose or a little tickle will surely get the spark started; from there, you can make that album.

7.    Recreate a Favorite Photo

Commemorate the future by rewinding the clock and reviving a striking image; ask the couple about their favorite photo and try to recreate it. They may have a special memory of their first date; consider that location to make creative photos or set during the session and try to mimic it as much as possible.

We suggest this be an annual session of their relationship as it develops over the years; they can make an anniversary out of it, a picture of them every year in the same location, pose, and date.

Some couples share this photo with a friend or specific loving family member or like to have it taken in a specific theme; try to include any suggestion they might have and always be as friendly and attentive to their needs. It’s a win-win situation. 


Last but not least, list your steps and review them with your couple. Make an agenda for the session and discuss it thoroughly with the soon-to-be-wedded couple; meet them in person before the wedding; learn about their hobbies and share ideas about how you will include them in the photos.

Remember, this session is about them, so pay attention to their style attributes and be receptive to their choices. If they have a pet, the more, the merrier; it’ll add a light-hearted temperament and liven up the session. And most importantly, enrich the scene with a burst of genuine laughter. Location affects the theme, so study the scene for the best shots. End the session with a recreation of a significant photo and thank them for the opportunity.