The Night Agent plot & ending explained: who is the mole?

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The Night Agent, the new series released on Netflix on March 2023, follows a genre that always manages to win people’s attention. Before that, series like The Recruit or Treason were already successful, and with The Night Agent, fans had the chance to go through the plot twists and the many doubts about what they saw. Even before the ending, there are many questions about the metro bombing, who’s behind it, and who is the mole mentioned by Rose’s uncle and aunt before dying. In this article, we’ll have all these answers carefully explained, without preventing you from continuing to enjoy the series.

You can watch the official trailer for The Night Agent here on Youtube.

The Night Agent plot explained: who is the mole?

The first episode of The Night Agent has already explained something crucial to us. Rose hears it from her uncle and aunt before they die: “the one in the White House can’t be trusted.” They also mention “seven days before they try again,” and Rose and Peter will try to find the truth behind these cryptic words. They will end up not trusting anyone and investigating autonomously. Slowly, they’ll start understanding who’s the evil mastermind behind the metro bombing and the new assassination planned for the near future.

If you are early in the vision of The Night Agent, we will give you only some little information that will help you enjoy the plot’s evolution. If you finished Season 1, what you will read will help you understand what happened.

So, there is a mole at the White House. Someone involved in the metro bombing, someone who had a specific target for that bombing and will try it again soon. The first suspect in the plot goes toward FBI director Hawkins, who seems to know much more. We also see him meeting the villains who pay the killers to kill Rose and Peter, so it’s pretty impossible not to doubt him. But soon, you will discover that Hawkins is not a villain: he was investigating who was behind the bombing and was very close to finding the truth. That’s why he dies: the others involved couldn’t risk, and they just killed him. Hawkins is not the mole.

The real villain in The Night Agent is Vice President Redfield; he’s the mole, “the one in the White House who can’t be trusted,” mentioned by Rose’s aunt and uncle. He ordered the metro bombing, but after it failed to kill his target, he did his best to blame Omar Zadar, the leader of PIF (People’s Independent Front). In the second part of the series, you will discover that Omar Zadar was the real target of the bombing: the goal was to tear down the district where he was attending a meeting, so he would die without anyone suspecting that he was killed by a political antagonist. The problem with politicians is that if you kill them directly, voters will fill the streets and protest. Hence, VP Redfield’s idea was to organize a false flag terroristic attack for which he would blame others and still kill Zadar without anyone raising doubts.

There are many other high authorities involved by Redfield in this. Diane Farr, the Chief of Staff, is one of them: Redfield pulls her in after the bombing fails, threatening that if the truth comes up, they all sink, including her. But she gets involved later, and she isn’t happy to become another double agent in the White House. Indeed, in the ending, things take a drastic turn, and she starts helping Peter to prevent more deaths.

So we have explained who the mole in the White House is and who was the real target of the metro bombing in The Night Agent. Let’s clarify now what happens in the ending.

The ending explained: what’s with the new assassination attempt?

This is for those who finished the series. Approaching the ending of The Night Agent, VP Redfield still wants to kill Omar Zadar. He cannot accept that he will probably win the elections and considers President Travers too soft about him. That was the reason why he organized the metro bombing, and the mission to kill him is still on. Only the modality has changed, and that was the reason why, at some point, he stopped updating Diane Farr: the new plan is to blow up the place where Zadar will meet the President, in Camp David, and this time the assassination will also kill the President. That’s a boundary Diane Farr would have never accepted, so she’s excluded from this information. She’ll start helping Peter once she discovers it.

According to Redfield, “the President is now the enemy.” His operation aims to kill her and Zadar, paving the way for him to be the next President. He has many people on his side, but at the ending of The Night Agent, he also has many capable agents committed to stopping him: besides Peter Sutherland and Rose Larkin, also Secret Service agent Chelsea Arrington is doing her best to stop the assassination and save the President, and Redfield’s daughter, Maddie, knows everything and wants to tear him down.

The Night Agent has an exciting ending that explained to us how all events find closure: Peter succeeds in saving the President, and Redfield and Zarr are arrested. Chelsea Arrington will be promoted as an agent of the President’s team. Peter will become an active Night Agent participating in international missions. At the same time, Rose will probably try a new business in California. 

In one of the last scenes, Peter discovers the truth about his father: he was really a traitor, selling classified information to foreign agents, and he will ultimately confess it. He will then accept to help the American secret service to catch the enemies, but the foreign agents will find out and have him killed before he can damage them.

What will happen to Peter Sutherland? Will there be a Season 2?

Season 2 of The Night Agent has been confirmed! Therefore, we will have the chance to see how the plot continues. Peter Sutherland is now a trusted special agent busy with international, top-secret missions. There will surely be numerous adventures he will join, worth filling another season of the TV series. We would also need to see how his relationship with Rose will evolve, of course. The villains will be different, as all the evil people of the first season are either dead or caught.

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