Pedro Pascal eating a toast TikTok meme: where is it from?

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Pedro Pascal is definitely the TV hero of the first half of 2023: his performances on HBO’s series The Last Of Us and Disney+ The Mandalorian quickly entered the most streamed visions of the year, and after that, everybody just loves him. His flexible facial expressions fit perfectly the memes often running on the Internet, as that famous scene with Nicolas Cage recently proved. Starting from March 2023, another meme became viral on TikTok, with him eating a toast to a melancholic song. Let’s understand what happened.

You can find a nice collection of meme videos with the Pedro Pascal eating a toast here on TikTok.

The “Pedro Pascal eating a toast” meme viral on TikTok: where is it from?

The videos created on TikTok with the meme of Pedro Pascal eating a toast are made through a CapCut template that overlaps the figure of the Chilean-born actor while he has a sandwich. The videos are always accompanied by a melancholic song. They represent a funny visual reaction of someone when something terrible is happening: you can relate to Pedro Pascal’s absent face, enjoying his sandwich while the world tears apart.

The snippet comes from a recent episode of “Snack Wars,” the format launched by LADbible on Youtube, where two TV personalities challenge each other with street food and snacks from their country of origin. The episode with Pedro Pascal was his challenge against Jon Favreau, Chile Vs. United States, you can watch it below. The famous moment when Pedro Pascal is eating a toast is at 6:48.

Pedro Pascal & Jon Favreau Compare American and Chilean Snacks | Snack Wars | @LADbible

The toast is actually the American snack proposed by Jon Favreau in that phase of the challenge, a peanut butter & jelly sandwich (commonly known as PB&J). Pedro Pascal eats it with a stone face, implying that he’s not really enjoying it. The reason is simple: the contestant he presented in the challenge is his favorite snack from Chile, “marraqueta con palta,” a crunchy bread with avocado paste. In the video, you can see Pascal explaining how great his snack is, then he tries the peanut butter & jelly sandwich, and… well, his face says it all.

TikTok creators caught the ironic side of his face, reusing it for tons of videos that explain crazy situations where everybody would lose control while the protagonist just watches it happening with that expression. It’s one of those cases when the Internet can perfectly interpret how hard our lives are, giving us a smile. After all, that’s the true core of entertainment.

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