Who is with Sue Bird in the NCAA Corona Commercial?

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The list of commercials catching public attention during the 2023 NCAA March Madness keeps increasing. We already saw Capital One ad with Spike Lee and three other legends, then it was the turn of Jacob Toppin and AT&T. Corona beer didn’t want to miss the chance: the new commercial involved three important basketball players discussing the best “shade of blue,” then Sue Bird arrives and gets the final word, with Snoop Dogg closing the confrontation. Let’s understand who is with them and the ad’s meaning.

You can watch “Shades of Blue,” the Corona commercial released for the 2023 March Madness, below.

Corona Extra | Shades Of Blue :30

The NCAA Corona Commercial with Sue Bird: who is with her?

There is an important matter to discuss in the Corona commercial with Sue Bird, released for the 2023 March Madness: what is the best shade of blue? Three basketball players have a clear opinion: Devin Booker (playing with Phoenix Suns), Vince Carter (who played with many teams from 1998 to 2020), and Christian Laettner (active from 1992 to 2005). The first two immediately thought about the blue you find in nature, the color of the ocean, and the clear sky. Still, when Christian Laettner shows his confidence, a legend enters the scene, Sue Bird. And she definitely knows the answer.

Sue Bird is a former point guard who played with the Seattle Storm from 2002 to 2022. She’s one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the Woman NBA, winning four WNBA championships and five Olympic gold medals.

When Sue Bird enters the conversation, it becomes clear that the basketball players are actually referring to the color of the college basketball team they consider best. And before the guesses get explicit, Sue Bird closes the matted once and for all, with a blue that is actually “perfect, undefeated, if you will.” She’s referring to her 2002 season at Christ the King High School in New York, where she won the New York state championship and kept her team undefeated for 39 matches.

That mention is enough to close the discussion. As Vince Carter comments, “Sue Bird has entered the chat,” and no more comments are needed. A situation that, for Due Birs, also has a significant, general meaning: in this interview with The Sun, she pointed out that the Corona commercial does a great job of showing a woman who represents authority in a male environment, having the last word in a conversation with three other men. “It’s no secret that all of us in the world of women’s sports, every sport is trying hard to fight the inequalities,” she said in the interview. Still, this commercial shows a different point of view, where all players are equally confronting each other in the matter.

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