Netflix Money Shot, the cast: who’s Noelle Perdue?

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Money Shot: The Pornhub Story is a controversial documentary released on Netflix in 2023. As expected, it became trendy since the first day: the topic is “hot” (in all possible senses), and the documentary focuses on an aspect that not everybody knows: a lawsuit filed by Serena Fleites and 33 other women against the most prominent adult website on the Internet. The doc also triggered many curiosities about the figure of Noelle Perdue, who appears in the cast as a “consultant.” Let’s discover who she is and her public profile.

You can watch the official trailer for Money Shot: The Pornhub Story here on Youtube.

Money Shot – The Pornhub Story, the cast of the Netflix documentary: who’s Noelle Perdue?

Noelle Perdue is a Canadian writer and a former employee at MindGeek, the company that owns Pornhub. She was involved in the cast of the Netflix documentary Money Shot – The Pornhub Story to glimpse how the environment was in MindGeek when the website raised to the top of the most visited websites worldwide. As she explains in the documentary, despite Pornhub being the most visited website in its category, Mindgeek’s Canadian office was “pretty boring”:

“Most people think Pornhub is the biggest or most visited p*rn site on the Internet, which in terms of brand recognition is true. It’s the one people talk about when they talk about the p*rn industry, but MindGeek is a hilariously boring office space; gray carpet, gray cubicle, open-concept kind of thing. It was really just like working at a tech company.”

Noelle Perdue worked as a story & screenplay writer, and she has an extensive experience in this field today. She describes herself as a “writer, artist, Internet p*rn historian, hindsight futurist, and former Internet anarchist.” She wrote some articles also for magazines like Wired and The Washington Post, as you can see here. And she has an official website where you can find her latest work as a screenplay writer for movies and products of the p*rn industry.

There isn’t much more public information about her, meaning that she doesn’t like to expose her professional and private life so much. Her LinkedIn profile, for example, is not updated, so we can’t know from it when she quit her job at MindGeek.

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