Who is the voice actor of Ghostface in the Scream movies?

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Scream VI was released in theatres on March 10, 2023, and again, people have enjoyed that genuine fear you feel when you hear the killer calling you on your phone. It’s the real trademark of this horror villain, and Paramount Pictures knew that: for the movie promotion, they have set up a dedicated page on their official website (now inactive) that allowed you to request a phone call directly from Ghostface. So obviously, people got again curious: who’s the voice actor behind this killer? Let’s find out.

You can watch the official trailer for Scream VI here on Youtube.

Who is the voice actor of Ghostface in the Scream movies?

The actor who gives voice to the Ghostface killer in all Scream movies is the American actor Roger Labon Jackson. He was Ghostface voice in all films of the Scream franchise, from the first one released in 1996 to Scream VI, out in 2023.

On Youtube, you can watch this exciting interview Roger L. Jackson had in 2020, where he explains how he came up with that specific tone during the first Scream casting. As he explains, the truth is that the Ghostface killer plays “cat and mouse” with his victims, so he thought it would be perfect to have a sexy voice that sounds provocative and then lower the tone to make it scary.

One of the most popular curiosities about Scream and the Ghostface killer is a secret Roger L. Jackson revealed in 2019 in this interview with Vice: he was physically present on the set of the movies, although Drew Barrymore and Neve Campbell (who received his phone calls) never met him in person. The director Wes Craven thought it was the best way to trigger the spontaneous reaction of the victims when they heard his voice for the first time. Moreover, Wes Craven let him improvise a lot, so Roger became very creative while acting: many details about how Ghostface would use the knife on his victims came from Roger L. Jackson’s imagination.

In the same interview, Roger L. Jackson explains that the actors in the movie were truly scared of his voice. They all knew he was on set, but nobody ever met him in person. When the victims were receiving the phone calls during the key scenes of Scream, Roger was watching them from outside the set: this means that the call received by Drew Barrymore was a real conversation she was having with Roger L. Jackson, who was a stranger to her and was watching her get scared in the scene.

Now that you know all these details, you can enjoy differently the iconic scene of the phone call received by Drew Barrymore in the first Scream movie. You can find it here.

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