Attack of the Meth Gator: is the movie based on a true story?

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Given the massive success of the movie Cocaine Bear on its first weekend in theatres, it was just a matter of time: on February 24, 2023, The Asylum announced the upcoming release of the new movie about scary predators on drugs, Attack of the Meth Gator. And since Cocaine Bear is inspired by a true story, people immediately wondered if there were news about a real alligator on drugs in the latest years. Let’s discover the answer in this article: you’ll find it interesting.

You can find the tweet announcing the release of Attack of the Meth Gator here on Twitter.

Attack of the Meth Gator: is the movie based on a true story?

First, let’s clarify what happened with Cocaine Bear: yes, there is a true story of a black bear that ingested a considerable amount of cocaine in 1985 in the wilderness in Tennessee. A load of 75 pounds of cocaine, worth 2$ Million, was dropped from a plane by a drug smuggler who died a few minutes later. After months, a bear was found dead in the wild, with a stomach full of cocaine. There were no reports of dangerous attacks by that bear, meaning that the plot of the movie Cocaine Bear is mainly made up, but a real story worked as inspiration. You can find the full story here on Wikipedia.

After the movie was released, users on social media came up with thousands of similar ideas, taken from actual pieces of news shared in the last few years, like the Cocaine Shark proposed on Twitter by IGN, inspired by the news about a load of drugs found in the Pacific Ocean. Attack of the Meth Gator, though, is the most promising idea: an alligator on meth could really spread terror in an American city. But is the idea inspired by a true story?

There has been no actual news reporting alligators on meth, so you won’t find any case of an alligator attack that could have inspired the movie. However, the film is based on a couple of authentic pieces of news published in 2019, where the police have warned people to stop flushing meth down on toilets, or some alligators could eat it and become aggressive. You can find articles mentioning the police warning here on CNN and NBC.

The original Facebook post shared by the Tennessee police was removed. Later, police officers commented on the fact admitting that it was an attempt to share awareness “with humor.” But the “meth gator” formula entered the popular imagination immediately, even with serious articles reflecting on this concept.

The movie Attack of the Meth Gator is set for release in the summer of 2023, and you now have all the information to brag about the true story behind it with your friends.

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