Yes, Kaley Cuoco is pregnant in the Priceline commercial

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Priceline released a new, funny set of commercials at the beginning of 2023 involving the girl that everybody now recognizes as the face of their ads: the actress Kaley Cuoco, who became famous as Penny in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. People noticed a change in the body shapes they used to know about her and wondered if Kaley was pregnant. Let’s discover everything about the commercial, including the viral theme song featured in the ad.

You can watch the “Inflataboy” Priceline commercial here on Youtube, while here is the theme song featured in this set of ads.

Is Kaley Cuoco pregnant in the 2023 Priceline commercial?

Yes, the actress in the 2023 Priceline commercial is Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory, and she’s pregnant. Kaley announced her pregnancy in October 2022, meaning her baby should arrive in the first half of 2023.

The baby’s father is the American actor Tom Pelphrey, famous for his roles in Marvel’s Iron Fist, Ozark, and Outer Range. Before Tom, Kaley was married twice, first with the tennis player Ryan Sweeting and after with the equestrian Karl Cook. Her last divorce was finalized in June 2022, and she started dating Tom the month before. She doesn’t want to get married again, but she’s obviously excited about her first baby.

You can watch the photos she publishes on Instagram regularly, where she proudly shows her pregnancy. Here, for example, she’s with her partner Tom.

The song in the 2023 Priceline commercial

The commercials released in 2023 by Priceline feature a jingle that became viral. You can listen to it here.

It’s a song created on purpose for this commercial. Below you can find part of its lyrics.

This is the theme song for the Priceline show
It is a cliche dance
Bryce can’t stop them from a nice vacation
They want real bad

Reinflate your dreams, you’ve got deals to find
The song is still going, wait, what’s this ad for?
Oh it’s some kind of Priceline metaphor

Kaley Cuoco’s happy face is undoubtedly the best fit for the Priceline commercial, and fans are hoping their collaboration will be extended, even after the baby is born.

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