2 Guns ending explained: did Debbie frame Bobby?

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2 Guns is a 2013 action movie that landed on Netflix in 2023. Starring Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington, the film belongs to that kind of vision involving money, guns, double roles, and an intricate plot. Viewers may need some answers after watching the movie: who organized the robbery? Did Debbie frame Bobby? And who are Earl and Commander Harvey Quince? Let’s have the plot and ending explained in this article.

You can watch the official trailer for 2 Guns here on Youtube.

2 Guns, the plot explained: did Debbie frame Bobby?

In 2 Guns, we have Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) and Bobby (Denzel Washington). Initially, they appear to us like two guys working for the cartel boss Papi Greco. Still, at some point, we discover that Bobby is a DEA double agent trying to arrest Greco and the other drug kingpins, and Stigman is an officer of the Navy Intel. Stigman’s boss is Commander Harvey Quince, and Bobby’s boss is Debbie.

The robbery is an order from Quince to Stigman: Stigman has to rob that bank and steal about 3$ million. Quince has a plan with Debbie: as we discover later, they are together and want that money for themselves. That’s why the order for Stigman includes killing Bobby: Debbie is using her position over Bobby to second him in the robbery, knowing that the money will come to her and Bobby will be dead. Apparently, she’s resentful towards him because he broke her heart, or at least this is how the plot of 2 Guns has explained it.

After the robbery, Stigman and Bobby find out that there is much more money in the bank: 42$ million. After the theft, Stigman won’t kill Bobby: he will pretend to miss in the name of their friendship. Then he brings the money to the Navy, to his boss Quince. For Quince, Bobby must be dead, so discovering that Stigman is not 100% sure that he has killed him, they go to the desert and find out that his body is not there. This is a problem for Quince: he has to kill Stigman first and Bobby later, to erase the traces and be able to keep the money safely. But Stigman manages to escape. While all this happens, we also understand who the actual owner of the money is: Earl, a dirty agent of the CIA who’s been taking a cut of Papi Greco’s business for years. Earl was in this with Quince and Debbie; they are all dirty agents, and the robbery is their way to get that money without leaving traces. That’s why, when Bobby arrives at Debbie’s home, Earl comes immediately to get him. Their first priority is to kill Bobby and Stigman, who can have them arrested.

When Stigman and Bobby try to get the money back from the Navy base, Bobby understands that Stigman’s boss, Quince, is Harvey, Debbie’s boyfriend. He also understands that he gave the money to Debbie. Bobby doesn’t believe Debbie is betraying him, so on the phone, he tries to convince her to stay on his side: he wants to save her from being killed by Papi Greco. But Debbie decides to surrender, guilty of what she did, and lets Greco kill her. Meanwhile, Bobby understands where to find the money: he knows where Debbie hid it. This leads us to the ending, which we’ll present explained separately.

The ending explained

Bobby now has the money. Stigman sets up a meeting with Quince, agreeing that he will give him the money if he helps kill “everyone in the ranch.” He invites Greco too, so when they all show up, he expects Quince to kill the cartel, then he’ll try to keep the money for himself. Therefore, in the end, we have Greco trying to get the 42$ million back and give them to Earl, while Quince intends to kill everybody to enjoy the money. Earl shows up too; Bobby comes with the money, then he blows it up, and, together with Stigman, they start killing everyone. Their first target is Papi Greco because he wants them dead.

In the last moments of that scene, we see Earl and Quince pointing their gun at Bobby and Stigman. It’s a Mexican standoff, and now they are trying to make a deal with them. But Bobby silently agrees with Stigman: they kill Earl and Quince and be on the same side. They go out and kill Greco too.

With all their enemies dead and no longer protected by their agencies (the DEA and the Navy), Bobby and Stigman plan together to rob the other banks where Earl and the other CIA dirty agents had their stashes. We also understand that Bobby didn’t blow up all the money: he owns a part of it, probably 2$ million. Their old enemies are dead; they are no longer agents; the way 2 Guns has explained it to us, they’ll just go on together as outlaws.

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