Matilda De Angelis, the actress playing Netflix’s Lidia Poët

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The Law According to Lidia Poët is a miniseries that landed on Netflix in February 2023. Based on the true story of Lidia Poët, the first Italian female lawyer who entered the roll of advocates in 1883. People enjoyed the mystery and determination of this character on Netflix and were curious to know more about the Italian actress playing her: her name is Matilda De Angelis, and today we’ll discover everything about her.

You can watch the official trailer for The Law According to Lidia Poët here on Youtube.

The Law According to Lidia Poët cast: meet actress Matilda De Angelis

Matilda De Angelis is the Italian actress playing Lidia Poët in the TV series released by Netflix in 2023. At the moment of the show’s release, she’s 27.

Matilda started her acting career in Italy at a young age: she participated in her first audition when she was 19, explaining that she tried it without many hopes (up to that point, she studied music and had no acting background), but surprisingly she entered the cast, together with a famous Italian actor, Stefano Accorsi. The movie was Italian Race, and Matilda won many awards as best new actress. You can recognize her in the movie trailer.

After that movie, Matilda De Angelis slowly became a popular actress in Italy, involved in many projects yearly. She also played in some famous music videos in Italy, like Negramaro’s Tutto Qui Accade and Thegiornalisti’s Felicità p**ana. Among the other movies she played in the years following Italian Race are 2018’s Youtopia and 2020’s Rose Island.

On the international stage, her most relevant role was in the 2014 miniseries The Undoing, where she played Elena Alves in a cast that included Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. You can watch her in the scene below.

Elena & Grace Notice Each Other At The Fundraiser | The Undoing | HBO

In The Law According to Lidia Poët, Matilda De Angelis plays a strong female character who needs to protect her position and be respected in the male-dominated arena of Italian lawyers at the end of the 1800s. Lidia Poët really existed and practiced the law between 1881 and 1883, but she was disbarred because Italian law didn’t allow women to be public lawyers. Matilda was an activist fighting for women’s rights in the following years. Italian law finally allowed the presence of women in public offices in 1919: one year later, Lidia Poët was finally inscribed in the roll of advocates.

You can find more about the true story of Lidia Poët on Wikipedia. The complete list of movies, TV shows and music videos where Matilda De Angelis played is here.

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