Love To Hate You cast: Teo Yoo, his movies and tv shows

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Love To Hate You is a South Korean TV series released on Netflix in February 2023. Starring Teo Yoo as Nam Kang-ho and Kim Ok-bin as Yeo Mi-ran, the story follows the interaction between a man and a woman with a complicated relationship with the other sex. The TV show was among the most streamed items on the platform for several days, and viewers were curious to know more about the male protagonist, played by Teo Yoo, in the role of a charming top-level actor. Let’s discover who he is, his other movies, TV shows, and his famous wife.

You can watch the official trailer for Love to Hate You here on Youtube.

Love To Hate You, the cast: meet Teo Yoo, his wife, his movies and TV shows

Teo Yoo is the South Korean actor playing the top-level performer Nam Kang-ho in the Netflix TV show Love To Hate You. At the moment of the release of Love To Hate You in 2023, he’s 41 years old.

Among his most famous past roles, he’s renowned for his interpretation of Viktor Tsoi in the musical Leto, for which he won an award as best new actor. You will recognize him in the movie trailer below.

LETO | Official Trailer HD

Among the other movies and TV shows where Teo Yoo played in his life are the 2021 movie New Year Blues, the 2022 movie Decision to Leave, and the web series Dr. Brain released in 2021.

Teo Yoo was also declared Man of the Year 2021 by GQ Korea. You can find the complete list of his roles in movies and tv shows on his Wikipedia page.

Regarding his personal life, Teo Yoo is also famous because his wife is the South Korean visual artist Nikki S. Lee. Teo and Nikki have been married since 2007. Nikki Lee is a world-renowned artist, and her works belong to many prestigious collections in various locations worldwide. You can learn more about her art and life on Wikipedia.

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